I’m sorry

Sorry for making the whole world worry,
sorry for making friends unhappy,
sorry for making the situation so messy.

I’m not writing a poetry. It’s just a coincidence. I want to say sorry to so many friends which I can never list out the whole list. Even Becky text me yesterday while I was on my way home. I’m fine. Really, seriously fine. Nothing has gone wrong except for myself. Family is doing fine. Was just being super emo yesterday.

Went home and tried sleeping, was actually planning to sleep until morning. Dinner isn’t so important to me anymore. Don’t really feel like eating. . . So I woke up cos Kacee was coming to pick up the CD I promised to give her. Inside contains pictures that I helped them took last week. While they were enjoying it in my room, at least I’ve got company for about less than an hour? Thanks for dropping by.

Oh great, I’m wide awake, until like… 1am? Tried sleeping back as my body is really exhausted from all the mess for the whole day. Woke up again at 3. =_=|| Tossed and turned and closed my eyes, thinking about what happened these few days, I think I dozed off then, and . . . I woke up again around 4. =_=|| and on and on until 6. Then I gave up when it was almost 7. Screw it.

So I woke up and went to clean myself, drove to work and here I am in the office. Another day. Planning to go for an event in TS tomorrow. It’s been ages since I’ve enjoyed an event. Hope i’ll do some help. I didn’t enjoy CF09 at all. Sighs… Well, to those who are going, see you tomorrow.

And I want to wish ELAN her 21st Birthday!
Big big girl already, you are growing and turning into a pretty young lady. See you tonight 🙂


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