I don’t understand at all…

Yes, I am writing another entry again today. First time in my life. 3 entries a day. How cool is that. Called mom, wanted to ask whether how much I should pay to Kas and told her about her lost of her brother, and the first thing that mum yelled on the phone is DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING. You are not supposed to go.

How come old people have so many “pantang-larang(s)” And she just gave me a dumb reason, because this month is your birthday, you shouldn’t visit this kinda event until this month ends. =_=||

FINE! WHATEVER! I can’t even pay my last respect.
How meaningful life is. So I guess even when I die, you shouldn’t allow my friends to come pay me their last respect lo…

ok bye!
*so disappointed


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