what would you do ?

What can you do when you feel really down?

some people take sweet stuff, *not my taste
some people cry a lot, *tears are already dried
some people take sleeping pills, *I still have to work, but I just wished that would never wake up again
some people talk things out so that they’ll feel better, *who should I talk to?
some people go up high hills/mountains and yell their lungs out, *not my type
some people commit suicide, *does commit suicide help? What will others feel when you are gone? Or probably they wouldn’t feel a thing, or it may make them feel even happier?

What type of suicidal ways would you prefer?
* Charcoal?
* Hang yourself ? 
* Take some pills?
* Cut your veins and drain your blood away slowly ?
* Drown yourself?
* Starve yourself?
* Kill yourself in the roads?

Anymore suggestions?…

After going through so many stuff because of a break up, I think I shouldn’t write anything about my personal feelings anymore. It’s best for me to keep it on my own. Since no one appreciates.

I’ll remove all the posts and make this the official Cosplay Blog of mine. It’s the best for friends.
Will revamp soon.



2 thoughts on “what would you do ?

  1. u can talk to me… i might not be able to help, but i can be a good listener. suiciding will never be a good choice since it will only cause others to suffer. live ur life for those who love you, appreciates you, if not urself. dont say no one appreciate your blog ok.. if not much, i’ll be the one. your blog..is a place whr u can express your feelings..dont hide everything from everyone.. dont keep it to urself.. if you dont know, WE worried bout you.. really hope one day you will burst all out so that u can feel better and sleep better.. love..kacee

  2. i agree with Kacee…i can do it…so do u…don’t keep it in ur heart…i noe u can do it…! forget bout the past..look forward…u still have a bright future…Love…June…

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