Hey everyone! Reporting from Ipoh :D

Hey to all my dear friends, finally manged to settle down to write a little bit. So how was your holidays ? How’s your CNY? And most importantly, how was Valentintes? How did you managed to split into 2 celebrating 2 things on the same day ? Well, I was too busy to think of any of that. Just dropping a small Hello, going off to celebrate with relatives soon.

Take care . . . ~ Will update soon.

* Life is very hard . . . Let’s not whine and complain so much and self pity. Give yourself reasons to move on. And not because of someone you are still here. It’s because you are here to do what you should do so that in next life, you don’t need to do the same thing again. So don’t say foolish things. Everyone goes through the hard life the same way, and everyone needs to go through it together. All the best, cheers ~

Live & Move on ~


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