Just felt like writing . . .

4pm now, and in 5 hours time, I would be spending my dinner / night with few of my close college friends. CC actually arranged a Karaoke session in conjunction to celebrating my Birthday ( which is supposedly tomorrow, but there a lot of people who mistaken and already started wishing me since yesterday, Thanks everyone ) I am very happy receiving all the messages, but somehow, I just don’t know why I don’t have any excited feeling about tonight’s event, but I am very grateful to friends who actually remember and help me celebrate it for the first time in 5 years I’m in PJ. ( Few years back was either I’m back for CNY holidays, or I celebrate it on my own with Caiyan ), so this year is kinda special. Last year’s was belated, but I had a cake on Valentines day. Thanks ~

Yesterday was company’s Dinner at Redbox The Curve, and today’s another session at Neway, Puchong. Gosh, and I am already coughing like mad, hope I don’t lose my voice when I go back tomorrow. Tomorrow after work, Kacee will be following me back. Thanks for accompanying 🙂

I am so broke this month, I gave out 1.5K to mum for expenses, my insurance, a small amount that I owe her for buying stuff, and extras for CNY. And I only left 700 to spend. All my pay and also freelance extra income is all gone. LOL. I wonder how am I going to survive this month? Luckily this month it’s February, and I hope I get a little extra from brothers Red packet *prays hard

Anyway, I just don’t know how or what to say. Do I really look that terrible? I have stopped what I have been doing for the last 2 weeks, and why do I still have awful look on my face? And stop asking me to smile. It’s very hard. . . . . ok, I gotta get back to doing layout for a book. Hope I can online when I am back. Wouldn’t be alive if there isn’t Internet.

Take care everyone, and thanks for reading & leaving me comments.
See you at GACC, if you are going 🙂


6 thoughts on “Just felt like writing . . .

  1. Happy Birthday and Happy Chinese New Year!What’s your Chinese sign? What’s mine? I was born in 1985.Karaoke? I don’t believe, are you good singing? I tried once, but I was very bad… Very, very( a lot of very) bad.What did you think about “James Cameron’s Avatar”?Pink Floyd: “Money, it’s a crime.Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie.”

  2. @°A° – Thanks for the wishes!My chinese sign ? I’m a Fire Rabbit XD You are . . . A Cow / oxI am not good at singing at all, but I can sing. LOL. And urm… I don’t really know about “James Cameron’s Avatar” LOL… You take care there aite!

  3. Oh, no! I am a cow! With so many signs, I’m a cow!Ok! But if someone ask me, I will say that I am a bull. The angry red Bull that spits fire.A cow … I’ll have to live with it, it’s not so bad… I think… Moo…

  4. @°A° – Ok, why are you so sad about cow? What’s wrong with cow. Cow is good. Beef is nice XD *steak…Bulls are insane 😀 And mooo produces milk. LOLGo google about your sign. You can read it online :)http://chinese.horoscope.com/astrology/free-chinese-horoscope-ox.htmlcheck the link above 😛

  5. It’s worse! It’s not a cow, it is ox!A castrated bull! A McDonald’s hamburger! I’ll have to do therapy for years to forget it. Why do the Chinese hate me, what I did? I am only a good Ox.

  6. @°A° – Hey! Chill 😀 Almost every animal in the lunar calendar is being eaten LOL. Except for Dragon? Cos they can’t find one. LOL… So we are the same. Sorry that I had to you make you go for therapy >__<*gives big HUGS. You take care k~

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