Going off . . . for good

Decided that I’ll stop blogging for now, until there’s something big going on that is worth sharing. Will write things that are more fun to share about, sorry for posting crap for the past few weeks. Thanks for stopping by and making my hit counts increase. Sorry for wasting your time & thanks for being there for me. I have no rights to advice anyone right now, since me myself is in this SHIT rate.

I am very sorry to all seniors, colleagues, boss for posting crap *my image is gone (long gone), my brother said I shouldn’t post impolite stuff and I should post more serious stuff. So what is the purpose of writing a blog then? I thought it’s supposed to be something like an online Diary? Anyways, gottago.

Will be leaving back to hometown next week and will only be back after 22nd. Have a lot of things need to be done. And I bet once I am back, I will not get to breathe as well, *Dateline for 3 papers. All the best sam, don’t die so soon.

Take care my dear friends and I want to wish all my friends
HAPPY CNY 2010 ~


2 thoughts on “Going off . . . for good

  1. It’s okay Potter-chan~ Post whenever you feel like posting. ^^ It’s your blog~Sorry I don’t comment often, but that doesn’t mean I don’t read your enrties, hehe. =)Hope to hear more from youuu~ ^^ *hugs*

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