NEW YEAR + EOY updates


Sorry I’m so delayed. I’ve been busy. Let’s start from work.
Was rushing dateline for Chinese Rocket at the end of the month, was really challenging as I went down to EOY and my Chinese Paper Chief Editor tried to contact me but you know lar…. phone no roaming, so I switched to Singapore line instead. When I came back, switched my phone on back to Maxis line, I received 3 voice mails, 45 miss calls. ( Oh yeah, I lost my 016 phone, so only using 012 now ) After settling everything, by 30th, was really busy. As Y! is separating with Rocket (YAY! Finally). Yeah, so Rocket publicity team is moving back to DAP HQ which is at SS2. Spend whole day of 30th and also half day of 31st to move. And er… nothing much, started working at HQ yesterday (5th January) alone upstairs T_T with colleagues who were originally working here. The publicity team *which I am more closed to are all downstairs. Feeling is very scary la, cos no one is talking here. Feels like a haunted place LOL, but as long as I have my pc, I will never be alone. So yeah, that’s about it for work. Not going to do anything related to Y! Magazine anymore, so you won’t be seeing my name inside. FOCUS on DAP, Rocket stuff for now.

31st December   –  7.10pm
Drove to a shop in Sunway Metro, got a big hamper and headed to Evelyn’s house (Audrey’s sis house) at USJ, had awesome dinner with her family. Sad I did not bring camera, couldn’t take pictures and we had quite a lot of talk there. πŸ˜€

Headed back around 9.30pm where you can see Sunway started getting jam all around. This year they are having fireworks, so… yeah. People are crowding the place. around 11.11pm we hopped on to Kok Kang’s car, Jothan, Kian ming, CC and Me. And we headed to his house. Bought some junks on the way and had a small feast at Kok Kang’s place. The guys had beer, while i had Juice πŸ˜€ After countdown, we sang Birthday song for Kok Kang, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOK KANG!!! After the delicious meal, Jothan took out his board game. I’ve never had interest in these kind of games, but why spoil the mood so I join in the game πŸ˜€ First time playing RISK. And I was praying so hard to lose faster so that I could go to sleep, but sadly towards the end I WON! Hahahahaha…. Nothing much. I think Jothan took some photos, will upload them later. ^^


EOY epic trip (25th December – 27th December 2009)
25th December   –   1pm,
I was already wandering around Pyramid, after having lunch, waiting for time to pass by cos it’s my first time taking bus from Sunway down to Singapore (ALONE) and I don’t want to miss the bus. Was really epic, bought the ticket like on Wednesday ? Which cost about $37, YEAH! I was stupid enough, was really rush, I did not notice I was buying it from a Singapore website and YEAH! I’m paying Sing Dollar!!! Well, once in a while ok ba πŸ™‚ Bus was scheduled 3pm, company name “Transtar”. Here’s where the epic journey started.

by 2pm, I was already waiting at Pyramid Tower Resort, waiting for Allen Daddy to come pass me costume, but he arrive like er… 2.50pm? And yeah, he managed to make it ON TIME. Then I began to get nervous when the watch was showing 3pm. No sign of the bus. Did I make a mistake? Was holding a freaking A4 paper, wonder they will say my ticket “TAK SAH” as I printed it. And there’s no booth around there for me to check. I tried asking the receptionist several times just for confirmation, and they said yes, Transtar buses stop here to pick up. Don’t worry. So we waited and waited. 3.10pm YAY! The bus came. I went and show the guy ( think he’s like the conducter of the bus, as there’s 2 drivers + him ) He said ok and lead me in. Eh? I though when I buy the bus ticket, I remembered it was 3 seats in a row. How come 2 seats in a row ? Ah… Don’t care la, just sit at the place of the seat I bought. So yeah, I couldn’t put in pictures as they are at home. Spacious SEATS, MASSAGING CHAIR, OWN BIG SCREEN, CHOOSE ALL YOU LIKE MOVIES, PS for you to PLAY, EAR PHONES, AWESOME FOOD, AWESOME COFFEE, AWESOME Services. So I was sleeping, halfway watching AUSTRALIA, my phone rang. It’s 5pm, and an Anonymous number calling.

Here’s the conversation :

part 1. – 5:00pm
A: Hie, is this miss Sam ?
me: Yeah, who is this ?
A: I am calling from Transtar Coach, may I know where you are?
me: Huh? I’m in the bus of course.
A: Owh.. good, thanks for choosing Transtar Coach.
me: Haha… sure *hangs up (hmmm… what was that all about?)

*continues sleeping… zzZZzzz. . . .

part 2. – 5:15pm (another phone call, but different number, different person, this time it’s a MALAY guy)
B: Ini Miss Sam ke ?
me: Yeah?
B: MANA AWAK? (was talking really loud)
me: er…. dalam bas?
me: mana mungkin, saya dah naik bas, bas pun day jalan . . . (feeling suspicious)
me: Transtar? Bas sampai pukul 3.10pm tadi. Saya beli bas pukul 3 ma, mestilah naik bas pukul 3. =_=
me: tunggu saya check.
*Runs downstairs and talks to the malay guy, Hey, saya tak tau sapa call, boleh tolong cakap dengan dia?
-bla bla bla bla bla . . .some yelling and screaming . . . *hangs up
A: tak pe, kita sama company, biarkan jer. Boleh pergi sambung tidur. Awak punya bus “Ticket Premium baru sampai di Sunway”, awak naik bus “Ticket – FIRST CLASS“. Ini bas pukul 1pm.
me: ooOOooo… thank you ah πŸ˜€

*walks up and sits down, hmm… so I went up the wrong bus, but luckily going the same direction.
After I reach Beachroad, I took a cab to Bugis MRT station and headed to Tampnese, called Shiro and he came and walked me home πŸ™‚ He moved so I don’t know where his new house was. So yeah, by the time I reached his place, was already almost 11pm. Can you imagine, if I waited and hopped on the 5pm bus, I would have reached Singapore 2 hours later. LOL. So yeah… Judging from what happened above, you can know this bus company is very concerned about their customers, so you can TRUST this Company. I’ll definitely go down to Singapore again with this bus company. KUDOS!

26th December   –   8am,
Woke up and got myself cleaned up, got changed and had an epic breakfast. Shiro’s mum cooked breakfast. Scramble eggs with cheese O_o. After breakfast, we headed out to MRT Station and went to Bugis MRT station where the National Library was. Met up with Sihan and we entered the building. Entrance fee was $15, I did not cosplay, only went as a photographer. Snapped a lot of pictures. Yet to be uploaded, and met CAPPY there <3. Bought lots of stuff, some souvenir for friends, and yeah… that’s about it.

Had dinner with Aya, Allenisya, Audrey and Ruby after EOY and headed home. Shiro went for a concert at EOY, so I did not join him πŸ™‚ After arriving home, online, bathe, and sleep XD

27th December   –   8am,
Woke up and got myself cleaned up, got changed and went out to market with Shiro and his mum. Had loads of nice food and heavy breakfast. LOL. Shopped for some junk food to be eaten at home and we headed home. Started packing my stuff and left Shiro’s house at er…. 11.30am. Walked to Tampnese MRT station, met up with AYA and headed to Lavender MRT station where we took a cab from there to The Hive and met up with Cappy, Audrey, Allenisya and Ruby. We then went for lunch with Allenisya’s brother at er… Bugis junction. After lunch, went shopping around some where which I forgot the name of the places. LOL. Then, headed back by cab with Audrey and Cappy. Allenisya, Ruby and Aya stayed and went shopping as they were staying for another day. Cappy and Audrey took their luggage and left around 4.45? And I left The Hive around… 5.15. My bus was at 7pm so I had plenty of time. Slowly walked to the nearest MRT station, and headed to Novena. After arriving that place, I walked around the shopping centre and tried looking for the place of bus depart. Well, journey back was pretty fast compared to journey down to Singapore. So yeah, that’s about it about my EOY TRIP. Photos will come later. Sorry for not updating πŸ™‚

will write about CF later. *orz… I’m so dead


One thought on “NEW YEAR + EOY updates

  1. Is long trip always this epic? My SG trip was epic too. XDAt least u enjoyed EOY..while i was growing mushrooms at my room lol.=0eh i forgot to see the photos u took from sg…next week gonna go stalk. XD

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