1 Malaysia !!! *Very Funny

What about it? I don’t see anything happening besides the raising of price of goods that we buy, gov collecting RM50 per card for all credit card users annually? Government is now stated POOR? And a lot of other rumors. Pretty sad you know, when you hear all this happenning around you. I don’t know whether polititians want to fake it, but the results are obvious, I bet everyone can see, what the hell our government is doing And what is our PM doing. LOL.

Okay, was scrolling around and found this website. Should really check this blog out.
Made me laughed like mad. Especially the one on 1 Malaysia.

Let’s combine our side of Malaysia together with Sabah Sarawak.
Here’s how it look like.

BEFORE :: Sabah & Sarawak in their current position

AFTER :: Our new identified / so called 1 Malaysia. LOL…

Anyway, just felt like sharing this. And yeah, I am busy busy busy busy. Loads of work to be done, office PC is so freaking slow, house connection is so damn slow. I can’t get many things done. Had to go to office at 7 – 8 am almost everyday this week just to start work early, and end late, because of our good service by TM. Streamyx has made alot people fail to fulfill their task. Why don’t you change it to “SCREAMYX, or SLOWMYX, or SUCKMYX. I’m so going to cut the line next month. sigh . . . CF is just 3 days away, and I have so many things to finish up. WORK + CF + Cosplay (which I think more or less the same as last year, I don’t get to enjoy much). Anyway, do hope my colleagues would drop by and have a look, I even invited my boss to come. LOL. Well, who knows, you might see some YB(s) turn up 😀 ( but I guess they are too busy with the parliment )

Oh well, hope to see you guys this weekend. Friends coming down tomorrow from Singapore. Can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “1 Malaysia !!! *Very Funny

  1. well, i do agree, since i also heard a lot of parent fren which is dato or YB bla bla bla~keep collecting money and gv us worst service, bad thing, rasuah. etc~ no eyes see ady~~~=3=|||

  2. @hakyuru89 – Yeah man, they should at least show some progress / work. Nothing is done and price just keep increasing. Petrol ? sigh… NO EYE C. I should think of moving away & Out of this Country.

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