First time in the parliment

Here’s how it started. I went back to IPOH on Monday to visit parents, it’s been 1 month plus since my last visit back, and mom has been yapping about me not going back. . . bla bla bla . . . so since I just found out I have 14 days leave, it’s time to clear some leave. MUAHAHAHAHA! Then on Tuesday, carmen text me. Carmen is Tony Pua’s Secretary, so she was asking me when I will be back to PJ as BOSS needs help to do the backdrop for the DAP Damansara fund raising night which is on “THURSDAY”. I will only be back on Wednesday and by the time I am back it’s already very late night. So we’ve decided to go to office to work on the banner on Thursday morning. So. . . went to office around 7.30 a.m. and worked on the backdrop. Finished everything, sent for print and I was informed that we have editorial meeting and Tony couldn’t make it to the office for the meeting as his car was crushed during an accident last week. So he suggested us to go to the Parliment where NC would be there also. So YEAH! This is the part where I got very excited, but sadly, we had to wear formal wear to enter the place, so everyone rushed home to get changed. Then we headed straight to The Parliment.

Reached the place, and went to 13th floor for the meeting where the “Pembangkang office is located” Haha… met a lot of YB(s) and alot of politician. Managed to take a picture with Karpal Singh. And yeah, my 2nd collection with another famous politician. After it ended, headed for my brunch around 4pm and went back to office to meet with the other colleagues. Then we headed to MBPJ for the fund raising dinner. Was my first time attending such event and sitting there taking care of the merchandise while listening to the few politician’s speech. Wouldn’t know so many things happened in our country. After the event ended, helped pack and went home. Reached home around 12 ++ ? Need to settle some work, and dozed off.

I’m actually lazy to write all the details out. So yeah, that’s about it. 😀

Runs around like a crazy person . . . .


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