Feeling like a boat now ~

Feeling up and down lately, with still alot of things happening. Sigh . . .
Sorry my post is always so sad and down. I am trying very hard to stand up again. And I want to thakn everyone for giving me the strength to survive.

Received a message from dear the other day, saying her grandma left this world. I hope it’s in peace. Heard her condition was getting worse before this, I would rather her leave peacefully than suffering all this pain. Hope popo will Rest In Peace. When I received the message, I don’t know why I feel so sad, so hollow in the heart. Although we are not very close, but I felt very very sad.

And I started thinking about a lot of things. I wonder what would happen if one day I DIE? I wonder when I am lying on the bed in the hospital, barely able to talk, lying there like a doll, would friends come and visit me ? Or I shall die the way I am lying there. (haha, I’m sorry for saying all these. I am just curious) Would anyone actually bothered?

Anyhow, things are starting to settle down for now I guess. Need to finalize all the Volunteer stuff by this week. Need a lot of motivation to finish all my left out jobs. As for work, managed to finish everything for now. Photoshop crashed 3 times the other day, was really sad and angry at the same time, but what to do. I had to stay over in office until 9+ to finish everything.

Regarding my sleeping problems, I don’t know whether you guys have encounter it. You know, when you are very very tired and sleepy, but you can’t sleep ?  That feeling, It’s makes me very FRUSTRATING! Feel like punching someone’s  FACE. HAHA! Now what I do is try to stay awake as long as I can, and die instantly. As in K.O. in bed, but the bad thing is, I am too sensative with sound. A little movement of anything, I would wake up. And SHIT! I wouldn’t be able to sleep back. As mentioned earlier, I am not taking sleeping pills, due to the BAD FEEDBACK ( stares at everyone XD ), I can’t rely on it, and I don’t wish to see friends disappointed in me, but I can’t sleep. I need my sleep. I need to work.

Gotten myself some flu pills, just to make me feel drowsy, tell you what, it made me felt even worse. *rolls eye.
Ahahaha… anyway, will try my best to be more cheerful. And I am still waiting and digging for Lawak Kampus pictures which was taken during the 100% Gempak event last weekend to be uploaded and shared.

For now, I’ll just share you the video. You can see our group from 0.23 onwards 🙂
Enjoy ~



2 thoughts on “Feeling like a boat now ~

  1. Hey, Sam!Don’t worry, I have a Cristal ball and I am seeing that you won’t die before 120 years old. You can trust in me. You should see a doctor to prescribe the drugs if necessary. Meanwhile try to relax, forget the problems, drink a tea. If not effective, there will be only one option: Counting sheep.Bye, Sam!

  2. @°A° – Thanks a lot man! Now you are my fortune teller. Will I win any cash if I buy any lottery tickets ? XDYou take care too~ See you around *hugsWill DATE a doc soon, really need help.

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