Katekyo Hitman Reborn in Suit !

Received few nice pictures, wanna post and share them to all my friends. Still awaiting group and kuso shots from other photographers, but for now, will put in some that I already had.

Gokudera & Tsuna :: photo credits to razrig

Allen Dada and me ^^ photo credits to me, cos I camwhored using Allen’s camera XD

from left :: Mukuro ( kagami ), Gokudera (wani), Tsuna (me), Chrome (Byou)

mukuro trying to kill the BOSS

Hahahaha… look at wani and chrome

silhouette shoot tryout


Okay, in this picture, I am out of character =___=

Ehehe… ❤

Me pretending to give out the prize to Kikyo-senpai XD

Kufufufufu… love this one !

finally a nice picture with mamoru ^__^ Thanks for all the pictures mamoru ~

This was taken during Day 1 with lowies


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