A little update from AHF

First of all, wanted to thank friends around the GLOBE for comforting me in msn & FB. Thanks for the support, and all the long chat & talk. I don’t know what will turn out without you guys. And I am glad that I knew all of you. Friends came scolding me and warned me, if i am going to take Sleeping Pills, they are going to kill me, so I guess I have no luck 😀 Anyways, I think I’m getting better. . . No time to think of this actually as there’s only 5 weeks to CF. I have plenty of work to do.

Okay, I went to Anime Hanabi Festival last weekend, nothing much or I can’t say it’s good or bad, but there’s something I want to comment 🙂 For a first timer, you guys did a GREAT JOB! *Applause ^^ For getting such a venue and quite a number of sponsors. The bad thing about it is, I didn’t get any flyers, goodie bags from the entrance until I asked them on my way back during Day 1. You should treat cosplayers better LOL. Instead of paying too much attention on those who are paying the entrance fee  / outsiders. Your market is us 😀 If we don’t attend, no one is going to be attracted to go in and your event is gone. Sorry to say this, but this is what I think.

Anyway, less talk. Pictures time.
Was cosplaying as Sawada Tsunayoshi from KHR ( Mafia / Suit Version ) for both days
Pictures are not fully up yet, I only share you 1 pic for now.  🙂

Thanks Exo for this awesome picture 🙂
More pictures of group shot to come, after I get pictures from others.

Countdown to Comic Fiesta 2009 . . . .


6 thoughts on “A little update from AHF

  1. Hello! Many sponsors and no gift. What they did with the money? Had food or drink at least? Ah! Be careful with these pills, they are dangerous. Bye! Mrs. PotterLeong

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