I am so glad to see so many friends responded in my previous post. I’ve talked to those who approached me and after few days of thinking, driving around and sobbing over it, I’ve decided to ignore this person. I don’t want to say who, but if you noticed I’m being very  blunt to you, ignoring your questions, or treating you very weirdly, you are the person. And you don’t fucking ask me how I know you betrayed me. God knows what you are doing and he wants me to know how “GOOD” you are. Next time if you have anything that you don’t like about me, tell me face to face. Don’t talk behind my back, cos I can’t hear you. And I don’t like people spreading stupid rumors about me. And you don’t call yourself close to me. You are NOT!

Anyways, thanks everyone! For being there for me. Last week was really hard for me. And I never really realize I have so many friends who still care. ( Now I am acting like a kid ) Just wanted to express how I feel. Nothing to update actually. Nothing to write~
And I wish SW all the best for her A Levels. ❤

 Countdown to CF ::



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