Astrology ~

Just got back from lunch, pay is out so I went to bank in the check before lunch, might only get the pay next week. Sigh . . .

Had lunch with Wendy, Rabia, Sham and her bf Shuresh (sorry if I spelled it wrong). Sham sham helped generated a chart about me. She’s still learning astrology, and I was kinda interested to find out what and who I really is. So yeah, thanks for sham sham, and also her bf for explaning the whole chart for me. I will try to ditch all my bad habbits and try to be a better person.

Nothing much today, just felt like blogging again. Settled chinese stuff, now heading to Y! Nov-Dec bumper issue. Going to stress myself out this week. Definitely! Wish I can somehow talk to boss about it to extend the dateline for 1 day. LOL, but I am sure I can do it. Still have 10% of my costume which is not done, have to go shopping with Ken tonight, (my brother) so I don’t think will be sewing tonight. So. . . another day gone. Well, I guess that’s about it today. Thanks for reading.  . .

Countdown to Comic Fiesta 2009


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