Rainy day . . .

Just felt like blogging, althought I have stuffs to do, just want to spend 5 minutes writing today. It’s raining, which makes me moody and sleepy. Today I’m planning to leave a little earlier, as I have to reach UCSI by 8pm. Shio invited the sisters over to watch her Band Finals, and I don’t want to miss it šŸ™‚ Need to pick Aster up and head straight, judging by the weather, it’s going to jam. Sighs. . . Next week is Y!’s dateline, have to rush again, every month’s time is never enough. Finished Chinese Front Page Cover, they are doing bumper issue for Y!, English and Malay Rocket, so yeah, which means thicker & more stuffs to do. Let’s ADD OIL~

Friends returned from their Degree course, I’ve not had time to hang out yet, wanted to meet everyone, I miss the days we hang out. So many things to do yet so little time. Oh well, wish everyone their best of health and luck. And also to all juniors who are sitting for finals, STPM, SPM, PMR, UPSR or any exams, all the best šŸ™‚

Office is hiring another Junior Designer to help me out, if anyone who is interested, please let me know ok.

Namewee just uploaded a new video, complaining about TNB and I agree to what he says, putting and sharing the video, hope everyone would feel free to comment.

Cheers ~


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