A little update of my life

Have not been posting lately, mainly because I’m busy with my permanent job, trying to work the best I can so that I can pass the probation period. It’s been 3 months now, and my probation period is 6 months. Haha! Quite proud to say that Big Boss confirmed me last Friday! Which means I don’t need to worry about getting sacked during this probation period cos there’s no more probation for me đŸ˜€

*Congratulations sam ! (ahahahaha… syiok sendiri)

Next, health issue, I’ve been sick for more than 4 times in this 3 month period, just recovered from food poisoning last week, and having my monthly “Girl thing” back suddenly, so I am very very very very weak now. *sighs. . .
A lot of stress from everywhere, work, relationship, money, family, friends, and added another burden for myself, my car. I know my car is old, and I am forcing it too much it seems, for an old man to be struggling with the young cars in KL, it couldn’t take it and broke down last week. Got admited into ICU and fixed for RM500 ++. Car oh car, hope you’ll be in your best of health again !

Nothing much happening lately, getting busier as CF is drawing near. Have not been active with cosplay since Anicom, missed TAF and the next coming one is this weekend, the King Of Fighters. Will be attending and yes I promiss, my next post will come with photos.

Next is Anime Hanabi by Taylors students which will be on the 14th and 15th of November @ Berjaya Times Square, 6th Floor.
There’s ACGC on 19th – 21st November,  and also November 21st – 23rd, Gempak event and then to

Comic Fiesta 2009
which is on the 19th and 20th of December.

Well, that’s about it for now, have to get back to work. Loads of stuff to do. And yeah, for friends who don’t know, I am working with DAP Rocket. Yup! The political Party that Rocket. LOL, I’ve been repeating myself telling friends who asked twice just to confirm & make sure they didn’t get me wrong. Anyway, hoping everyone is doing fine. Want to wish Raven a very Happy 22nd Birthday! His birthday is tomorrow b.t.w.

Till the next update~ ciao