Anicom 2009 and misc . . .

Here’s the RESULTS for all 4 weeks

ANICOM Cosplay Week 1 Winner – Mario (Beatbox), Runner up – Nemesis (Zend)
ANICOM Singing Week 2 Winner – BLOOD + (Shiomaru), Runner up – NANA (Rociel)
ANICOM Cosplay Week 3 Winner – DMC (ZCdave), Runner up – Sanji, One Piece (Shingo Misaki)
ANICOM Singing Week 4 Winner – Gundam 00 Season 2 (Khor Bin Yun), Runner up – NANA (Ping Khoo)

I did not attend all 4 week’s competition, only went for 3 if I’m not mistaken.

First week I went as a random photographer in a white wig 😀

Second week I went as Sawada Tsunayoshi in suit

Pic taken with Ryukku and also Arisa-chan

Third week I am back to IPOH to get my car down.

4th week I dressed up as mafia / they call me manager ?

Pictures are all in FaceBook, I’m kinda lazy to put it in here, but there’s a recent pic that I took wearing Eien’s hat. It’s really nice. Ahahaha… love it. Just wanna share that picture with you guys.

Nothing much to update lately, work getting more and more drastic, my to do list is piling up like mad, like mass spamming in the forums XD. Working in DAP, Rocket publishing is seriously a very very challenging job. It’s like I’m being booked for every week by different department Editors to finish up the layout and also the various language front covers. And also not to forget, the Youth magazine called Y! magazine. I don’t think a lot of people heard of it, when I first came in, they just told me to take over, but there were no previous works at all. Sigh. .  . I have to start all over from scratch. Nothing much to talk about work, but the colleagues here are really nice except for some minor case (some people in the office which I am not really happy with, but other than that, all treat me like their little sister 🙂 ) Although work is tough, my life is more or less more boring than the life I had before I started working here, well, the cycle kinda repeats everyday for 2 months already.

Here’s the schedule for everyday.

7.45am : Wakes up ( yawns ); head to washroom to get myself cleaned up
8.10am : get dressed, style hair, wear contacts, etc etc . . . pack bags, jacket.
8.30am : starts car engine to warm up the car ( oh btw, I finally got my car down to KL ^__^ after all the fuss taking public transport to work )
8:35am : Head off to pick up Rabia from Mentari Court ( one of my colleague who car polls with me )
Gets stuck in the Jam & bla bla bla bla . . .
9.25am : Reaches Damansara Uptown, gets car parked and head to office.
9:30am : Starts work . . .
12.30pm : Lunch (1 hour approax.)
6.30pm : Finish work and head home ( stuck in jam again . . . )
7.00pm : Reaches home . . . get feeded with dinner, and faces the PC . . .
8 / 9pma : Bathe
11.30pm : Would normally head off to bed around this time . . .
and the procedure repeats everyday From Monday – Friday.

So yeah, life more or less it’s like this. Sometimes weekends, I get part-time jobs, for extra income, sometimes I head home to Ipoh, normally weekends, will do laundry, house chores, clean cars.  . . .

Well, that’s about it for now, everyday after work I am always dead tired, not really that much time for entertainment, sometimes go for Taekwondo lessons and also Badminton match with colleagues on fridays. Other than that. . . YEAH, MY LIFE IS BORING !! Anyway, I hope everyone is doing fine, and I’m sorry for not updating for so long . . .


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