Some updates on GACC. This year I finally went and cosplay, as I only went as a photographer last year only for Sunday and rushed back to KL in the evening. This year, we had quite an epic journey from PUDU on Friday night where the bus was delayed, met Cikgu at the station. We were actually riding on the same bus. Ahahahaha…. and erh… we reached Malacca around 12.30am ? Thanks Dave for all the help, he came and picked us up T__T. *hugs

And sent us to Johan Hotel. Thanks for helping me book the Hotel too, you really helped us a lot. My journey and stay was really nice. Just that I did not get to eat CHICKEN RICE !!! Wuaaa…. Anyways, both days was quite happening, just that it wasn’t as happening as last year, as this year there’s no Seiyu and also due to the H1N1 mass spreading in Malaysia, some of them pull out last  minute for this trip. So . . . yeah. This time, CC, Kian Ming, Shaun and Shio went with me. 5 of us. YUP YUP. Wani met us on Saturday ~ And we went back on Sunday together, er. . . total of 10 person if not mistaken. Was a tiring day traveling, I took a day off work on Monday. 😀 Slacked 1 day and  slept at home with Shio. I can barely move. Was really tiring, as I didn’t really sleep well at the hotel. Too cold >___< until I can hear myself chatter. Ahahahaha… Oh well, sorry friends for the late update. And sorry to ywsmokona cos making you kantoi. Ahahaha…. Okay, less talk let’s share some pictures eh ?

Day 1, Saturday 15th August 2009
I didn’t have much Group picture on Day 1. Was cosplaying as Nikaido Akira from Monochrome Factor wish YuanCross, MatuoKumiko and Rayray. Shio and Wani combo as Lelouch & Suzaku, CC cosplayed as MSN most hot emotion “The Baka Usagi Rabbit :D” while Shaun cosplayed as a Dolfie. Kian Ming cosplayed as a Malaysian.

yup, this is me on DAY1.

with the Monochrome Factor team + CC

Then some photographers came and requested for some shot. Of our EMOTION faces.

Busy stabbing wani’s Junior while Shio crying, getting shot by Woei Kang. Hahahaha~

From left, me, Shaun, CC, Kian Ming, Wani & Shio

I didn’t take much pictures on Day 1, so I’m gonna curi some from other photographers to BLOG about.

The picture that I like the most from Usagi-san of Wani & Shio. For more Code Geass pictures of them both, you’ll have to wait for Wani to post them up ( think she’ll post them up soon ? )
Ah… let’s put another YAOI-ish picture of these 2 😀

A teaser picture edited by wani. Stay tuned for more. CHEERS~

Day 2, Sunday 16th August 2009
Woke up quite early in the morning, got prepared, packed luggage and headed to MMU. Ah… Today we are cosplaying as Katekyo Hitman Reborn-ians ^^

Cosplayers were ::
Sawada Tsunayoshi :: me
Hayato Gokudera :: wani
TYL Lambo :: shio
Sasagawa Ryohei :: CC
TYL  Hibari Kyoya :: Tak Jun ( he joined us halfway 🙂 )

So . . . we were there, and we enjoyed the day. I don’t know what to write, but I the day really passed by very quickly. I just put up some pictures, Credits to Usagi-san a.k.a. Hexlord for the awesome shoot for our group.

my favourite one :: Omake shot XD

And the also thanks to nightcat82 for this awesome pic
Well, I just put some of the team mates picture in. These were taken during photoshoot. Some other group pictures are as follows ~

camwhore with beat’s PSP

Ah… here he is. Hibari 😀 But goku went missing T___T

We are in the PAPERS !! Ahahaha.. but too bad, it’s only Malacca paper. Tsk tsk tsk… couldn’t keep a copy of it.

Ah… now Hibari went missing =___=||

And the BEST of the BEST ~ *drom rolls

a personal shot with ywsmokona. After so long ~
Well, that’s all. More updates coming soon ^^


7 thoughts on “GACC2009

  1. [Ah… here he is. Hibari 😀 But goku went missing T___T], if u noticed, i was cut out on the right lolthe newspaper my bro kept for me ade, will get it soon, should be next month when i go over there. xD[For more Code Geass pictures of them both, you’ll have to wait for Wani to post them up ( think she’ll post them up soon ?], ahak, i donno leh, maybe on DA ba, blog i no mood to do yet. CF dah lah tak habis lagi..its 11 of us on way back. =)

  2. @waninokocym – LOL ok… forget about the newspaper thing . . .Well, I think u banyak collection. So take your time. But don’t post it up after 5 years LOL.OMG!! 11 of you ka. I just went up and zzzZZz… so yeah 😀

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