Shigotho shigotho ~

WORK! Yes, I’ve started working 2 weeks ago. And for your information, I’ve been veyr busy with work thus I did not update my blog. “I’m LYING” Nah, actually I’m very tired and frustrated with my PC that I’ve just formatted, so I didn’t really feel like blogging. Now I’m bloggin in my office XD

Well, remember the previous post, I told you that I was hired. yeah, I’ve started my journey in this working life now. Currently working at Damansara Utama for a company named “Rocket”. If you don’t know what it is, perhaps DAP wuold make you get a better idea. Yup. It’s the political party. And yup, I’m working here as a DESIGNER, not a POLITITIAN !! My job is just arrange layout for Rocket Paper, 3 major language which is Chinese, Malay and English paper. Plus another Youth Magazine which they recently launched but has nothing to do with politics. It’s called Y! Magazine. Anyways, before this, I was invited by sakurai to attend her school’s Librarian event. Went there cosplaying as Tuna again XD. Actually met few FB friends, but they couldn’t recognize me. Oh well, here’s some pictures taken.

Picture credits to mamoru-sama 😀

Nothing much actually, so here’s an update of what i’ve been up to lately. Thanks for dropping by~


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