COSFEST VIII :: 10th – 12th July 2009 *added pictures

Hello !! I am finally back from Singapore and I am sorry for not reporting live there. Was really tired and busy going out XD. So here I am back to report the journey.

Day 1 :: 10th July 2009, Friday
First of all, I really got to tell you guys what happened at KL sentral. Tsk tsk tsk. Went to Shio’s house to stay over for 2 days before setting off to Kl sentral to meet up with Chris. Took a cab from her place around 8pm and reached unexpectedly EARLY”. HAHA!! We reached there around 9.15pm. And we joked while waiting for Chris to arrive. All the while I thought 
our train was at 10pm so I did not double check on the ticket. Chris reached around 9.35 and we met Daddy. I told Chris no rush so he went and got himself his dinner at McDonalds. 
While I go change for some SG $. Once Chris was done buying his food, we then headed to the escalator where the guard checked our tickets. And he told us

Guard  : Ini pergi mana ni?
sam     : Singapore
Guard  : Pukul berapa ?
sam     : 10pm !!
Guard : 10pm ? Mana ada 10pm. Train ke Singapura 9.35. Sudah lepas. Tu pun dah lewat hari ni. Baru saja pergi 9.45.

So everyone freaked out and panicked. I felt so BAAAAADDDDD. I don’t know what to do. Daddy asked us to calm down. And he said we might still make it to the next station at 
Seremban. So I called wani and double checked her ticket that she was supposed to hop on the train at the Seremban station. We only have around 1 hour to make it to the station. 
Then I remember the previous time when I was supposed to meet up with Yoshiki to go to Malacca, I took a cab from Sentral also. And it’s less than 40 minutes to reach. So I told them we might make it after all. So we rushed to the ticket counter and bought tickets for taxi to Seremban which cost us RM70 !!! So yeah. OFF WE GO.
While in the car, was chatting with Chris, while asking the taxi driver to speed up while shio is zzz in the car. XD Was really praying hard hard hard hard hard to reach there. I don’t want  to miss the train. I want to go to Singapore BADLY. We couldn’t miss COSFEST and the last station that the train will stop to pick up passengers is SEREMBAN. When we were 
reaching, it’s already around 10.35pm. I called wani and asked whether the train arrived at Seremban. Then only I realized wani was still in NILAI. She told me that there wasn’t a KTM since she reached the Nilai station. I was shocked that she did not make any back up plans. After all we were panicking about, now we panicked she might not make it on time.

We were so happy when we reached the station around 10.50 and the train hasn’t arrived yet. Then we made another call to wani and asked where she was. She told me that she just hopped on the train and there were 2 more stations for her. We tried to ask the station master if the train could wait for a few more minutes and his reply wasn’t FRIENDLY AT ALL. He said it leaves at 11.04 and that’s it.
*I could feel that from his looks, he’s blaming us for not being well prepared. For not reaching the station early. Should I blame them instead as wani should have already reached the station almost an hour before the scheduled time but there wasn’t any KTM at all. I want to compare MALAYSIAN service and SINGAPORE MRT service. MALAYSIA!! YOU SUCK!! 

SO wani missed the train. Daddy went to Seremban to pick her up and wani stayed at daddy’s place for the night and then the plan was that daddy made sure wani make it on time for the morning bus to Singapore instead. We did not really have fun on the train as an important person was missing. So… we just talked for a while and dozed off. It’s around 12.30am that time.

I was awaken by a hand and a voice saying Check Passport, Check Passport!!” I jumped up while shio was still zzz-ing. Oh yeah, we slept at the lower compartment while the upper one we kept our luggage there. After the passport and immigration check, I did not went back to sleep. I started panicking cos my phone somehow don’t have international roaming  switched on. I was worried how am I supposed to contact wani as Daddy asked me to take care of the rest. I kept switching on and off my phone praying hard that something would 
happen but er… nothing actually did.

7.15am we reach the KTM station in Singapore. First thing I did was look for a bathroom and OMFG WTF they charged us. SG$ 20 cents which = RM 0.50 + -. FOR using the  bathroom, but of course, it’s VERY CLEAN and it smells WAYYYYYYY better than any of MALAYSIA’s public toilets.

Then when we came out, we saw SW. She was chatting with Chris. She’s my LIFESAVER~ She gave me a Singapore sim card which she suggested me to get one while I am in  Singapore. I HAVE INTERNATIONAL ROAMING!! AND YAY, A SINGAPORE NUMBER !!!! WHEEE~ <— I sound really sampat here ~
Well, it’s actually thanks to her for being here with us for these few days, as wani was basically the trip planner all the while. Without wani, we were actually lost, and we did not know 
where we should head to. So… Yeah. BIG THANKS TO SW from All of US ❤ ~

Then we headed to Little India as Chris wanted to drop off his luggage with Juin Kadsuki. Then we headed to Bugis for breakfast. It’s very very very very very early. The shops were not  opened yet. We had to stroll around while waiting wani to reach. Which is around . . . . 1.30pm. =____=||
And we did not have anything to buy actually, so we sat at McDonalds SINGAPORE while uploading some pictures into Facebook and GOSH, the speed is like lightning. We were supposed to meet with wani at Bugis Junction around 1.30 but she called and told me she’s heading to Vivo city. So. . . . =____=||. We then left Bugis junction and headed to 
meet up with wani at Vivo City.

Starting of our journey in Singapore ~

One of the nice building structures that I passed by when we were at Little India

While heading to the MRT station, we saw this !

Inside the MRT . . .

Vivocity ~

The MRT is very cool. Very fast, and we don’t have to wait very long for the next train to arrive. And also the escalator is very FAST too. I almost fell down twice~ LOL.
SW took us to Mache` for lunch. It’s my first time although there’s one in Curve. I’d never actually tried. The Portuguese food there is really good especially Swiss Rosti + Sausage. 
Halfway eating, wani joined in and we were really glad that we are back in a group. After the delicious lunch, we walked around and took some pictures outdoor.  Was trying to look for 
the 24/7 VOMITING LION but we didn’t see it.

The delicious FOOD in Mache`

Rosti <3~

camwhore pictures ~ look at wani’s face XD

After that, we separated at the MRT station. SW headed home and Chris went to Little India where he would be staying at. We on the other hand headed to Tampines MRT station to meet Shiro. We met him around 6.40pm and walked to his very cosy and welcoming apartment which is on the 12th floor XD. And we settled down, bathe and went out for dinner. The  Singapore Chicken Rice was really good. After that we headed home and worked on finishing the costumes. Shio helped wani on the 16 boxes while I finished up styling the wigs. 
After that, my turn to K.O.

********** End of Day 1 ***********

Day 2 :: 11th July 2009, Saturday – COSFEST Day 1
Woke up at 7.45am and bathe. After getting myself prepared, went and woke the other 2 up. We got ready and headed to Downtown East with Shiro. We stopped by Burger King for breakfast and we met the others, Dei, Reno, Sean, and another guy which I forgot his name XD. Chris then came with Juin.  After a while, everyone got ready and we headed to D’ Marquee where the Cosfest event was held. Although the hall was kinda small, but it was VERY HAPPENING. It was packed with lots of cool cosplayers, doujin booths, and cool lighting, stage, PA systems and of course COOL aircon.  We spent the day loitering around, taking pictures of really cool cosplayers, met our idols, alternate in and out of D’ Marquee. And . . . the day just ended so fast.

picture credits to Shiro + editing by me 🙂

The BEST camwhore of the year XD

 me and SW
me and my IDOL, Unlimystic ❤ ~

The Cool combination XD

  Oh… there’s a feather on my head. And you see PACman is eating up LAMBO XD

We then went for dinner at Just Acia and had a good time there. Took lots of pictures too while we waited to meet up with Shiro before we go back. It was good to be back, we had fun but it was a tiring day… AND IT WASN’T ENOUGH!!!   And yeah, SW stayed over with us. And I had fried rice.

Gosh… I bet Wani wants to hit Shio very badly XD

We spent the night looking at the photos we took. And all was epic. Hahahahaha… will post up pictures and let them tell you the story. Oh yeah and also about Disney Channel.
********** End of Day 2 ***********

Day 3 :: 12th July 2009, Sunday – COSFEST Day 2
In the morning, we split up with Shiro (he was heading to City Hall for a photoshoot session) and we headed to Bugis Junction again, this time for TONG SOI, in a shop named Ji De Chi. The durian dessert was FABULOUS!!! And not forgetting the very very nice cincau bowl and boiled ginger milk. We headed back to Downtown East for Cosfest Day 2! It was very interesting and, just the same, we had so much fun. 
Although we spent most of the time sitting under a tree, and occasionally strolling around the outside area hunting for cool cosplayers, we really enjoyed it a lot.

Before we left, Reno lead us with a great cheering.
WOOHOO!!” Then everyone parted and we left too. We went back to Shiro’s place and got ready, gathered our luggage, and headed to the MRT station. Gotten ourselves MOS Burgers. We didn’t have much time left to make it to the KTM station. So we took a cab and rushed there. I dunno why but it was funny. We makan burger right after we got onto the train safely and this time no one was left behind. Daddy even sent me a message saying “Please tell me everyone got on the train.”

Sotong, Adam, Wani, Chris, Shio and me had a great time laughing in the train while disturbing other passengers on the train. Sotong, Adam, and Shio bought Japanese cultural flags from DAISO during the time in Singapore and out of the blue they just hanged the flags around our bunks. There was a weird lady holding her phone, recording a video of the situation on the train, and she passed by the flag area.

Wani, Sotong and Adam got off one hour earlier around 6am at Seremban station while Chris, Shio, and I dropped off at KL Sentral. Then we took a cab back to Sunway and we reached home around 7.30am. Shio and I continued to ZZZ.

End of the COSFEST Trip ~ will upload *pictures tomorrow and also follow up with the
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie Premiere on the 14th. 


7 thoughts on “COSFEST VIII :: 10th – 12th July 2009 *added pictures

  1. haha sorry la after u guys panicked for urself have to worry bout me. i was doing my props till last minute and my friend suppose to arrange transport for me as i had triple duplet confirm with him was delayed. hence the plan changed a little. Sorry i wasnt a good planner, i was panicked to see the Sg train passed by me and it obviously wont stop for me.the trip is so epic. panicked to catch the train, and rushes back to the train. i wouldnt say we should be happy for this but its epic LOL. next time if it’s something as important as this, we need to get to the station waiting for your pictures to upload. xD *eh, mana ada 6 pages? looks short. XD

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