Is it GOOD or BAD news ?

I’ve been slacking off for the past few months. What I meant is that I’ve not gotten myself a FULL TIME PERMANENT JOB. God has always been fair to me. Whenever I am desperate or stressed over something, GOD will always help me solve the problem. Recently, parents started to grumble more and more calling more and more often asking me to move back and get a simple job and have a simple life in IPOH, but the thing is they don’t Understand how I feel. 

Thinking from my Point of view :
Life in KL = Freedom. 
But to them, I am suffering every month trying to struggle for cash to settle my own rental and feed myself. All they think is that I am not working a fuill time job, I don’t get a stable pay. I am wasting my time playing around with kids going around to “events” I don’t know how to explain it to them ? They don’t even understand english. =___=||.

These few days, they are driving me crazier and bugging me more often than usual. It’s really driving me crazy. So far, I’ve only went for 1 job interview which is just around the area which I do not have to worry getting to far to work or worry about transport. I’ve actually been waiting, and giving hope that I will be employed. Owh, in case you don’t know, it’s around 1 month ago. I went for this inverview at Damansara Utama ( uptown ) for DTP / Layout Design position or you can just call Graphic Designer at Rocket = DAP. First impression? Politics. LOL.. Was really scared or can I say nervous ? Yeah… cos I was interviewed by the YB, but he was really nice and friendly. And somehow he laughed / smiled quite a lot flipping through my stack of certs. Mom said he was laughing at my style, boyish style, short short hair. I don’t think that really matters ?

So yeah, and then I received this call yesterday, a lady looking for Sam Leong. And luckily it was before my show. I was about to go watch Drag Me To Hell with Daddy and shio at mid valley. And I did not know how to express myself. 

YEAH!!! I got the JOB!!! 
~ * * * *runs around throwing conffetti * * * *~ 

I was told that I had to go fill up some forms and confirm myself to work there. And I had to settle it by today. So last night we slept over at KK‘s house and this morning, woke up around 8 and trouble KM & his brother to send me over. Shio accompanied me there as she need to go to Borders later on to get some books. Surprisingly, I was calm and seemed to be used of the place. I wasn’t nervous at all. Sorry, I am just trying to express my feelings. After Nicole ( the clerk there ) handed me some forms to fill in, she took me in to see Kristine Williams (she’s very pretty). I bet she’s the head around there. She’s really a nice person, and very very friendly too. We talked and chatted for quite some time, discussing what I need to do, whether I understand what my job is and stuff. And I am incharged of settling 3 publishings every month. WOOT. I hope I can manage. And surprisingly, I only work 5 days a week. Wheee~ , and working period is from 10am to 6.30pm. How cool is that ?

And of course, the pay is quite high. It seemed that they don’t have problem paying at all. They actually said 
I am paying you “_____” as requested 🙂

hahahaha…. I shou be happy cos I finally get a permanent job. I can’t slack around anymore. I have to settle all my other jobs and settle those in hand a.s.a.p. Will be starting work on the 27th of July. So I guess I will have to spend this last GOLDEN MONTH to the maximum. I bet there are lots of jobs coming up for me to handle later on. So… wish me luck ^^

In about 2 horus plus time, will be heading to KL sentral to grab the KTM to Singapore. I can’t wait. Haha… and I can’t believe I am actually blogging before leaving. I just felt like. Anyways, as mentioned at the previous post, I will try to blog live from Singapore. Wish me luck that I can go through the borders. Hahaha…. 
Take care everyone. 

3 thoughts on “Is it GOOD or BAD news ?

  1. Congrats on getting that job! Wahaha!! DAP pulak tu.Nvm la. My parents aren’t supportive to begin with, but a lil patience goes a long way.Gambatte! You enjoy CosFest too!!

  2. Congrate you sam!!! Im really happy for you.:D God bless u & love all the time. wishing have a great trip to SG!!!!!!!!! stay well. happy. healthy. cool. sweet & good lucky everyday !!!! :)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx & HUGSSSSSSlov & best,bunny

  3. yoh, now only i read this. y la nvr tell me when we’re at SG, i did be able to congrats you. LOL.neways guess after this wont be able to see you much since you did be busy. XD

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