Countdown to COSFEST

Just few more days and here I come COSFEST

I can’t wait for COSFEST, have been waiting and wanting to go since last year. Finally been through all the trouble getting passport, arrange for accommodation and earn some extra $$. Hope I don’t overuse it.

Finished packing my bags, and I am ready to go. Will beheading to Mid Valley tomorrow noon to meet with Rayray sis to collect something. Then will head to Shio’s place to stay for 1 night. And do some final shopping at Hong Lok Pasar Malam. Hahahaha…

Need to get some batteries for my headset and some junks to feed myself in the train.
If there’s wireless in Singapore, I will blog live. Only if  I have the time to do so. Hahahaha…

Tickets gotten already, to and fro by train/KTM. Costumes packed, Shoes, Wigs, hmm… what else. Should I bring Mickey along ? I don’t kow man, but I am very excited about the event now. Some of the Singapore cosplayers are so welcoming. Can’t wait to meet them. Hope I can recognize their face. And I bet this will be the best and most memorable trip of the year.

Getting too overexcited so I just felt like blogging. Will be meeting SW there too, but she needs to travel for 2 hours to the event place ? Must be tiring. I wonder my phone will work there. Ugh… need to go ask later. I think will bring RM there. Will change if needed. Or should I change here first ? OTZ… July weekend is so packed.

After back from COSFEST will have Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince premiere. The Harry Potter Team is invited to watch for FREE ~ For HP fans, we’ll be at Mid Valley on the 14th from 8.00 pm onwards. Show will start around 9.30pm till 11.30pm. Hehe… Of course we’ll be in FULL costumes. So… yeah. And we have Bon Odori on the 18th of July, and some random stuff coming up on the next weekend.

Oh yeah, before I end this . . .

Happy 40th Birthday.
You’re an OLD MAN now. Bwahahahahahahahahahahah….

For those who don’t know, I am the youngest in the family. And my brothers are like Waaaaayyyyyy older than me. My first brother is 40, follow up by 35, and 3rd brother is 33.

Whenever I go out with them, people would think they are my father. Hahahaha… and whenever I go out with my dad, people will think he’s my GRANDFATHER. Hahahaha… so I was wondering, did my parents created my by accident or it was planned after 11  years giving birth to my 3rd brother?

When I ask my mom, she would never answer me. Ugh… so yeah. Let me show you a picture of me and my brothers when we were younger then.

see the difference ? We are so freaking far apart. And we don’t communicate well. Frequency is always not right. They are TOO OLD to talk to a kid like me. And I don’t like the way they talk to me. So yeah. We don’t talk. 😀

Guess that’s all. Will try to blog in SG. So… take care all my friends. Enjoy at Daicon.


5 thoughts on “Countdown to COSFEST

  1. POTTER SHOOO CUTE OwO*save the pic**Show to angie~~~ *Cant wait for her to online in msn XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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