Most DISASTEROUS DAY of begining of JULY

As stated in the HEADLINE / Title . . .yeah. You wouldn’t want to know what happened. First of all, Happy Birthday ZhiKyu. It all started like this . . .

Guys went to watch Ice Age 3 yesterday night. After the movie ended, the called me out for yum cha so I went and meet up with them at Disayang. Chit chat for a while and wished ZQ at 12am sharp XD. Then they sayy ok lar, go home drink beer. So I drove CC’s car back first lo, then they saparately drive to my house, while ZQ send CC go KK buy more beer. First mission is to K.O. Jothan. Hahahaha… cos in this group, considered Jothan it’s the one who can last longest ? ( He always say he’d never gotten drunk before ) So lalalala… everyone started drinking and of course, I skipped. Bear Beer is 12%. And I already have a bad experience with it. So I’m excused but I still drink “Shandy” Hahahaha…. After a while, after talking and chatting, after they finished few cans, all started to GET HIGH. And Jothan started laughing…

Will put up a video to show you. Haha… but after that, Boon Chee went back around 1 something cos he still need to work today, next was Kok Kang around 2plus while Kai Keat sent Kian Ming home around 3 plus. Then ZQ didn’t go back cos  he’s a little drunk, CC vomited, Kian Ming also. Jothan drank 2 cans of 12% Bear beer and 1 can of 10% Bear Beer. Of course K.O. lo. LOL. Then he slept on CC’s bed. I tried waking him ask him sleep in my room, but er… he fell down to the floor.

I freaked out of course, cos it sounded really painful. But he was still unconcious. Then he sat up and started VOMITING !!! WTF !! Lucky my reaction was fast enough else I will have vomit all over myself. Then ZQ ran out to see but then went back to bed. swt =__=|| At least give me a hand la. . .

What to do, I take mop and started mopping the floor lo. Don’t even dare to touch the mop man. Hahaha… then I mop Jothan’s leg also. See also feel very “geli”. Then switched on the fan and let him + the floor dry. hahahahaha… Tried waking him for few times cos he’s sleeping on the floor without any mattresses. Tried few attempts manage to wake him finally around 5am. Then I also go sleep. I don’t know why I couldn’t really sleep. Woke up around 9am and realize another DISASTER. Jothan vomited on the bed. !! Haha… nothign much to freak out actually, just feel sick seeing the things.

Made him clean the room and change the bedsheets. Just felt like typing this out, cos I have no where to express. Haha… well, since we won’t be seeing Jothan for another 3 months. So just have a last day celebrating + have fun before his flight tomorrow.

Finally… here is the video.

and some pictures coming up ~


2 thoughts on “Most DISASTEROUS DAY of begining of JULY

  1. LMAO! That is how you spend the night out? Making ppl drunk is a good idea for some laughter. Then when they start vomitting the fun stops. Aih, nvm, at least you got some pics to blackmail them. Haha^^

  2. @ywsmokona – Thanks for reminding man XD I have not posted the pictures. Well, it’s a good thing that I did not drink cos I bet I KO even faster than them. Then no one would be here to clean up the mess XD

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