COSFEST & bla bla bla . . .

A short update ~ ( CAUTION ! words only 😛 )

Line is finally back at home. I hope nothing goes wrong… for now ?
Was really sick of the line. After I left to Nilai and came back on Wednesday, the line was back dead. Thought the modem was off so I tried fixing it. Got really pissed off yesterday so I spend my afternoon at Starbucks again. Met HisashiGlay and some funny incidents happened. Haha… don’t want to talk about it.

Later then met daddy and we went to KJ’s Cash Converters. I SAW A TRUMPET THERE !!! T_T but it’s not the type that I wanted. *sigh… so we left and went to Williams to meet with CC for dinner. After dinner came home to face with the crappy line again … Called streamyx and made another report. They said they will send someone over today to check. And the technitian told me that my phone line *source is from the pole ( which means more like a sub line from other main lines ) It’s not from the BOX. So yeah, he’ll send someone over to change the cable later. FREE OF CHARGE !! Of course. I’m not going to PAY for that man . . .

Okay, forget about that, since I can blog now, for now? Let me quickly finish this post.
First of all, wanna thank everyone for helping me vote and choose what to cosplay for COSFEST. Yay~

So the result is : ( drumrolls )
Day 1 as Sawada Tsunayoshi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Day 2 as Senri Shiki from Vampire Knight

So er… have to borrow the Glove from Feli ^^

I don’t think I have a list like wani to prepare. Er… other than that. I don’t think besides CASH, I have anything to finish up for Cosfest. Hmm…. Yeah, I guess that’s about it.

I hope I don’t get infected and held Quarantined by the Kastam XD
Well, I guess that’s all. Can’t wait to meet Singapore cosplay friends. Thanks for welcoming us ^^

And yeah, Jothan will be flying off to India for 3 months and will be back around mid September. Wishing you all the best and safe trip. Bring me souveniers . . . I don’t want cow dung. I want curry powder ~ hahahaha… don’t buy me SARI, cos I think it’s expensive + I don’t wear. ( Like he will be buying for us ? =___=|| )


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