Animangaki is over ~ Thumbs up to SUAC

Haha… yup, I’m back and am still alive. Here I am reporting live from Nilai. Hahahahaha… Couldn’t update the blog few days ago as the internet was down. Called Streamyx like hours and requested them to restart my port but they say “eh, tak boleh la… *click click. EH!! pesal tak leh ek? =___=||” Like I know ? 

Well, went to wani’s place for Taekwodo training, and stayed over for 2 days as cc’s aunt and parents are coming down. Since I won’t be around, might as well stay another day at wani’s place so that they can sleep in my room. Don’t really like elterly people sleeping outside on the floor. Can’t take it XD

Ok, less talk more about the weekend at Animangaki SUAC
Saturday 27th June 2009
Woke up around . . . 8.15am cos I couldn’t really sleep. Got prepared and headed to Aster’s hourse. Reached there around 9.15am. Angie was already there make up-ing. So was sitting on her bed waiting for the time to pass. Aster’s friend, Guen ( sorry if I spelled wrongly ) sent us over to Sunway University. Thought I was late, but luckily not alot of cosplayers reached yet. 

Oh yeah, and no one expected me to be one of the Judge for cosplay XD All they did was ask me “HEY!! How come you get a VIP pass I don’t!!” 
Thanks to Yvonne a.k.a. ywsmokona a.k.a. President of SUAC for inviting me to be one of the judge, followed by my fellow judgemate, Raincloud and also Allen Daddy. First time judging for Cosplay. Was kinda tough. I hope I did not offend anyone and I hope the marks / results satisfy everyone ? I judged fairly. 

Same thing goes for day 2. Day 1 was for solo cosplay competition where we have to choose out 10 finalist out of 15, but we kicked out 6 which leaves to 9 of them in finals. All their performance was really awesome. And day 2, because there were only 3 groups, so there wasn’t a 2 round match. And because Allen needed to go to church, so wani replaced his place as judge instead. Overall performance was quite good. So.. yeah, nothing much to comment. After the judging part, I changed costume and went disturbing around. whee~

Stop crapping here and photo sharing time as usual 

Cosplaying as Tadashi from Special A.

Holding a box of yummy Donuts sponsored by Yvonne ( thanks ^^ )

Daddy trying to steal my cheese cake >__<
Judges for Solo Cosplay competition XD
*everyone is so serious, see what Jack Sparrow is doing O_o
I bet Enma Ai wants to kill the performers on stage. Hahaha…
Cosplaying as Bak-chan for First half of the day, Naruto – Coat version later on πŸ™‚
A picture with Lena lee chan <3~
I only have 1 picture with ceres. 

After the judging part, I went and got myself changed.
Me and Arisa
Me with Darkiris and little plushies
Me with kawaii Mieko and pinball ( sorry mieko, I couldn’t recognize your face with glasses πŸ˜› )
Me holding Rasenggan + little kawaii Naruto plushie with Kakkkooooiiii NARUTO a.k.a. Sparda and Yamato Taichou a.k.a. ShawnKazu.
me & wani ^^
Naruto in Harry Potter glasses lol…. me with wani and Daddy XD
Oh yeah, before that event ended, we had a little recording game. LOL… had quite a great time. Was really fun with all the other cosplayers participating.
here’s a picture of it…
and here’s a VIDEO of it ^^
Sorry because it was uploaded in facebook. I couldn’t embed the code.
You’ll have to go HERE TO VIEW IT

Well, that’s all for now. I bet the pictures already made this post heavy. Will update more once I get hold of more pictures and also videos from others~ In short, for a first timer, SUAC doesn’t really look like it’s theirs first time holding an event. It’s consider a good job. Well, compared to so many other Anime events organized by other college and University, I’ll give it 8/10. SUAC, beware, you’ll have more pressure for next year. Make sure you keep up the GREAT WORK ~ 


5 thoughts on “Animangaki is over ~ Thumbs up to SUAC

  1. OMG! Sankyuu potter for the reviews! Didn’t expect a high point for ANIMANGAKI!Glad to know you have enjoyed the event! Plus, those pix of yours look wonderful! Gomen couldn’t sit and chat with you or wani much since jobs are piling that day. But THANKS again for being our judge as well!As for the donuts, don’t sweat about it. We’re gonna ganbatte again and make it even better next year. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN! (Craps said that 3 times dy)We MUST hang out some time!Best Regards,ywsmokona

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