Rest In Peace M.J.

I didn’t really believed it when my friend told me. I was wondering why everyone was writing about M.J. I thought M.J. from Spiderman died. (sorry). Then only I realize when I logged in my youtube account. All videos about Michael Jackson, I tried goggling, msn and everything seem to be talking about Michael Jackson. Including 17 notification in Deviantart. Suprisingly, ALL ARE WRITING ABOUT MICHAEL.

Another talented pop star leaves our world. I loved his songs very much. The songs that will really touch the bottom of my heart and make me tear for it. One of the best, Heal The World.

Here’s a video from Youtube

Althought he might have chanced his look, did something bad in the past, but his songs were alwasy pure. Hope you will rest in peace. Don’t want to talk about how he passed away. Just hope everyone will keep treasuring and never forget this POP KING~

We’ll never forget you.
love, fans <3~


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