First time recording . . .

Recently recorded a song featuring Shio. Was my first time recording & singing like that actually. Just felt like sharing it. Please do give your opinion. I can’t sing as well as Shio, I like her voice, you can check out her Account. For anime fans. She’s written some songs tribute to some anime that she watched. All are very very touching songs.

here’s one of her recent songs, tribute to Kuroshitsuji

I love this song so much, I don’t even get sick listening it over again and again. I wonder she will sell her own album. Haha….

and another one, tribute to Lelouch from CodeGeass

and more older songs that she sang / wrote. just check them all out !!

The song that we recorded was Way Back Into Love – Music & Lyrics, but because none of us have a guy ( manly voice ) so we have to sing it in a higher pitch.
specially dedicated to SW

here you go. EOJOY~

here’s the bloopers


7 thoughts on “First time recording . . .

  1. Waaah~!! So romantic la you too~!! *___* I’m feeling a bit jealous … the second Hermione has stolen my Draco away from me, nuuuoooo~!! T^THehe … also first time hearing your singing voice (VK performance at CF last year doesn’t count — no mikes, so I didn’t hear your voice XD). Your voice is so soft and sweet la! Tak matching with your tough image, dear~!! XD LOL~But I had no idea Shiomaru was so talented! She can really sing!! XD I demand more anime videos from you two, GO~!! XDDDDD

  2. @clannoire – LOL cappy. The Draco that you’ve always loved will always be with you :DUgh… Yeah, I agree with my voice isn’t really soothing with my tough image. Hahahahaha… but er… will try to improve. It’s tough singing with a pro singer here. So yeah, took me quite a while just to record this song. Thanks for listening and supporting :D*hugs*Will be posting up if she has any new songs. Let’s hope some producer hears and signs her up 😛

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