I need help from all FRIENDS!!! SOS~

I couldn’t make up my mind what to cosplay for COSFEST. And I have some costumes that I might recycle or can cosplay during that time. Could you be kind enough to help me VOTE ? Haha….

Onegaishimasu ~

Thanks for dropping by~
Will update on the IPOH vacation later on.


9 thoughts on “I need help from all FRIENDS!!! SOS~

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen you cosplay Black Star before!! 8DI’m high on KHR right now, so I voted for Tsuna as well, hehe~!! XD~ Cappy ^^

  2. Sankyuu potter!! Yea, we really need another two more judges. Is any of your cosplaying friends interested? We’ll kasi free pass for both days to the three of you. 🙂 ONEGAI!! T-T(Cos the judges that we chose in the beginning said they wanna join the competition pulak. So potong steam. lolx)Also, that means the three of you will be judging for both the solo and group. Please and sankyuu!

  3. @ywsmokona – Okay, will talk to you about it later at night ok? Or could you text me cos I won’t be on for few days. I’ve message you my contact. Thanks for inviting me btw.Cheers~

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