Ogenki Des Ka ?

Another update since I’m bored. Watching Prince Of Tennis and blogging at the same time.
Recently finished watching Fullmetal Alchemist Season 1. Find it not bad 🙂 Season 2 seems to be the repeating and some adjustments and nicer angle.

Went for Monster VS Aliens 3D with Shio yesterday, and find it very FUNNY!! There were lots of scenes that you did not expect that to happen. So… yeah, you should watch it 🙂 Went for Terminator Salvation with Caiyan and Shio this morning. I find it er… Not bad :). I am looking forward to TRANSFORMERS. The trailer already make me watch it over and over again. Hahahahaha…. I bet those who have watched 3 of their trailers sure know about it.

Anyway for those who are bored this weekend, do drop by Sunway Pyramid. There’s MOVIE CARNIVAL from 29th May to 7th June. Come and get some free gifts and take pictures with cosplayers. Hehe… This time cosplayers from Movie only. No Anime 🙂

Just a short update. Thanks for the concern from previous post. And also thanks to all of my friends who visit my blog. Will update more soon after Sunday.

Here’s the recent me 🙂


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