Starbucks ~

I told myself that I would never visit Starbucks again after what happened the last time I visited. I am a very weird person, for those who don’t know me well. Coffee does not help me to stay awake. The last time I visited Starbucks was a year ago, I sat there and finished my project and I ordered a cup of Ice Blended Coffee. Well, you would not want to sit there for whole day without ordering anything do you? So yeah, I sat there for erm.. like 6 – 8 hours. And I went home at 12am.

And I was supposed to go to college the next day to submit my thumbs, but I end up lying in bed for 2 days. FOOD POISONING =__=|| What kind of joke is this. Coffee ? Food Poison ? LOLz… Not the first time actually. It seems to be everytime I visit Starbucks / Coffeebean. Probably it’s because of the amount of coffee ?

Well, whatever, since today PJS 9/28 and 9/30 is having maintainence so I have no choice but to get out of house and enjoy the air conditioner in Sunway. So yeah… I’m stuck in Starbucks blogging. XD
My bad, I’m listening to other people’s conversations in here, like I wanted to =__=||. And the girl is freaking loud, talking about mamak food, how nice MURNI is. I wish I can join in. YES!! Murni is COOL, but they are always packed. And now they are talking about going overseas… ok. Stop listening to others.

Just a dumb update. So nothing much to read here.
Have to work on the Claws for VOLDIE. Owh… If you don’t know, Harry Potter team will be going to Sunway on Sunday’s Movie Carnival this week 31st May as Maurunder’s Team. Harry Potter’s Dad time. Where you can see Snape, Lucius, James, Remus, . . . and I will be doing VOLDIE for the following week. Hope I don’t ruin him, although he look awful XD.

K then… Signing off. See ya guys around.
THURSDAY!! Terminator. MUST WATCH ~ woot


2 thoughts on “Starbucks ~

  1. lol, so this is what happen yea. ya know, at first i thought something bad happen cause the msn msg u leave me sounds so lol. ish why the hack am i worrying the wrong thing everytime. oTZ summore i wasnt able to chat with u that time cause i needa rush out to help my new junior lol.

  2. Ano…. Senpai daijyoubu??? kena kerancunan makanan kah???take care ah ^^ Ganbatte ne senpai … Mai sad sad de lo LOLx

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