Farewell with NICOLE a.k.a. Raven <3

Hey !
Recently I’ve been using this word a lot. I don’t know why. Haha…. Time for another update ^^

Nic is going to leave for Liverpool, UK on the 28th May. We’ve decided to have a little farewell outing + take purikura pictures as promised long ago.

On Friday we had a mini VK shoot for wani and also ryukku at Raven’s house. At night, watched movie with CC, Jothan, Kok Kang, Daniel, Christopher and his gf, Kiang Ming, Danson, Wani, Shiomaru, Raven. We watch Night at the Musseum 2. Was a good show. Anyone else who hasn’t watch it should not miss this show. After the movie, since it’s too late, Raven decided not to go back and hang out at my place. We bought beer at 7 eleven and drank at home. Was my 2nd time though, but I am a lousy drinker. I went straight to bed after drinking. =__=||
I don’t know how the feeling of getting drunk is, but urm… they say I am drunk, but I can still answer questions? I am concious. . .

After that, I don’t know what happened. Woke up at 10am the next day, and we went for brunch with Chris Yap at Ru Jia Xiao Chu. After the Brunch, we went to take Purikura pictures at Sunway, Asian Avenue where the shop was located. Here are the photos . . .

As usual… here are the pictures ::

Hope you’ll have a safe trip to UK Raven
Well, that’s all for today 😀

Coming events ::

Movie Carnival @ Sunway Pyramid ( SuperHero March)
29th May – 7th June

ICHIbanzai 09′ KDU Penang
6th – 7th June 2009
11am – 7pm (6th June), 11am – 9pm (7th June)
More Info, VISIT :: http://ichibanzai.blogspot.com/

SUN-U : ANIMANGAKI 09′ Sunway University College
27th – 28th June 2009
10am – 6pm ( both days )
More Info, VISIT :: http://suac.x-tenshi.com/

So urm… see you in these events except for ICHIbanzai. I won’t be going for that one.
Till the next update, ciao~


6 thoughts on “Farewell with NICOLE a.k.a. Raven <3

  1. @Aki – Yeah… GOODBYE T____T@danson – Alah… fren ma, plus the machine so small. Have to stick together to take picture. Don’t jealous ok. We take together during the Movie Carnival XD

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