Finally settled down to write a short report about the weekend.

Went to C2AGE held at HELP University on the 16th May 2009 – Saturday

I didn’t attend the C2AGE event held by HELP University last year. I don’t know whether there’s any difference compared to last year but one thing I’m not really happy with this event which is they CHARGE us for such a small event. And seriously, there were not much to see. And I am not sure the RM8 paid is even worth it. Having all the trouble going there expecting a lot of fun stuff going on. In the end it just made me felt a little disappointed.

I’ve asked a girl from the committee before whether the event is even worth going? The price before is RM15.
It’s the same price as CF. I know it’s hard to set up an event, but I think the PR team should work harder next year. Start working earlier for preparations before the event. Other than that, some agendas were delayed and in the end, everything was rushed suddenly.

Only 4 people participated in the cosplay competition which was A pretty girl who sang  Trust You from Gundam 00. Sorry I forgot the young lady’s name. Delacroix Hikaru who did a dance on stage. ShawnKazu who did a skit talking about Naruto . . . and also Sakura. And also Beatbox as Master Roshi’s wonderful rapping on stage.

Anyway, forget that part, the GOOD thing is, I did enjoy myself with other fellow friends ( cosplayers ) even though I was not well that day. Played with Sachiko’s and also Delacroix’s Violin *hugs – thanks for letting me play with it. I’ve just recentl started learning from Shiomaru, but I’m just memorizing the keys instead of learning the right key. I wanna learn trumpet too.

I noticed I’m IN LOVE and I’ve become more fond of Musical Instruments lately. Especially after watching La Corda Season 2 !!!. I wish I have not stopped my Piano lessons. T__T

But anyway, I still remember the day where I was forced to make a decision to choose either Taekwondo or Piano, I gave up Piano and took Taekwondo instead. At least I managed to complete the task that I’ve chose. I resumed training recently, and I hope I can take my senior up grading this year.

Time flies, it’s already almost a year since I last graduated. That will be 1 year in August 🙂 Just mostly spend my time on freelancing and also selling some lens, didn’t really sell or take any batch orders now, since the Malaysia law doesn’t allow it. So… yeah. I guess that’s about it. Will post up some pictures on C2AGE and will continue about Sunday’s report tomorrow. ^^

Owh… Forgot to mention, I was cosplaying as Shiki Senri ( possesed by Rido )
First Victim of the DAY !!

photo credits to Alison

Some of us were doing the P3 pose. You know about Persona 3?

Photo credits to Beatbox

I chased my wig halfway doing Ichiru XD

Hmm… more photos will be shared if I can find them 🙂
Going to bed now, having a light flu and also eye infection. =__=||
Oyasumi ~


6 thoughts on “C2AGE

  1. the girl who sing “trust you” is Azusa Megami~
    about p3 pose
    beat hand little down”i think it doesnt reallt the matter”

  2. I missed this event…got caught up with family outing to Taiping and Kuala Sepetang. I’ll getting a little edgy about cosplay….wanna do one pretty soon…I guess the next one should be for GACC unless there’s some photoshoots along the way :]

  3. P3. P3. I ♥ P3. xD No wonder the pose were soo familiar.And Kaii looked like a doll there.

  4. Walao, senpai! Drink blood oh? *haha*  Very fun oh…. haha…. cya… and take care yourself oh ^^ Bye Bye

  5. ur caption for last pic was wrong. it is ‘changed’ instead of ‘chased’, no? XDtoldcha about the event. but oh well, i organized one b4 too, so better dont complaint. if later my event is worst than this, habis aku dikenakan. ^^;and sorry i’m so emo during the event lol. guess liquor doesnt help me relieve emoness? lol

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