MAY Update ^^

10th May 2009

Hello friends. It’s been a while since I last blogged. I’m sorry. Regarding the BBQ pictures, I will just post a link okay. Connection has been bad recently and I can’t even log in. I’m writing this blog post in Microsoft Word. Haha… Okay, so recently nothing much happened. Getting busier it seems, wani’s  back to Penang for sem break, so I did not go over her place for Taekwondo Training. Shiomaru was here for almost 7 days, having her sem break as well, and we had a part time job with Anime Tech at 1 Utama with WednesdayRaven and Chunyee. Things done were basically the same, giving out flyers, posing for them to take pictures, and getting ourselves paid. Here are some pictures taken by some of my friends who were there.

Thanks to the Man from Shesheldo booth who gave us this picture. I just got it scanned. 🙂
More pictures coming up XD

Credits to Lowisclw for this picture, editing was done by me of course.

Last year I used my own hair, sprayed it, but because I cut it 😀 This year I had to use a wig. So… yeah.

Other than that, I am putting on a little weight again. T_T So will have to do more exercise and maintain the usual me. Not to go back to the previous me. And yeah, end of this month will be having a Movie Carnival at Sunway. And GOSH, I don’t know weather I can help Kagami and Beatbox make the costume on time. I couldn’t go back T_T.

I missed Mother’s Day, just managed to send back a card for mum. Sorry Mum. Happy Mother’s  Day~

Have not been cosplaying much lately and not much events either. Getting busier with work, it’s hard to earn money. And I just want to tell my friends that . . . I am sorry for going missing and ignored blogging for so long. Not that I want to, it’s due to the connection problem, THANKS STREAMYX !!!. I wouldn’t want to post all the posts that I written in my desktop. It will be delayed blogging. I don’t think anyone would want to see it. LOL.

There’s one event coming up this weekend. Which is C2AGE. I wonder who will be going ?
Well, will keep updating from now on. CHEERS everyone ~

heading to bed now, as I have training tomorrow. Oyasumi ^^, and thanks for the 3000 page views although I have not been on for more than 1 month. Love you guys. Thanks for supporting always.


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