Sorry for the late update. It’s April FOOLS day. Yay~

When it turned 12, I just knew something would happen. Well, of course you will expect something on this very special day. Besides on the Anniversary of Leslie Cheung who committed suicide years back, I’m sure some will be thinking of ways to prank your friends. Haha… yeah. Edo messed up the forums. LOL. Let’s talk less and share photos shall we ?

I’ve managed to screen shot some of the amazing things in the CF Forums.
First is waninoko’s nick was changed to wakarai dono
Then I requested mine to be changed to popochang
Then I saw Edo’s changed to Edward Wong Hau . . . .
and LOL Emo Raincloud

and then . . . WTF
Tokiya changed his name to Paris Hilton. It was total epic when you see these funny names all around. Few more committees changed their names actually, but I didn screen shot all. And if you noticed Edo’s rankhe’s a loli.
And the CF Forums Banner was upside down ( I mean the wordings )
And finally . . . look how BORING the forum turned out to be.
And I kept on laughing seeing the Emo Raincloud all around. Hahahahaha….

Happy April FOOLS day and

Happy Birthday to Clarise Tan~


5 thoughts on “Happy APRIL FOOLS Day~

  1. omg~ tis is my 1st tim visit tis page!!
                                                                                                                                by: CC

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