Vampire Knight :: The Kuran Family

Vampire Knight :: The Kuran Family Photoshoot
Date : 15th March 2009
Time : 12pm onwards
Location : Moco’s Aunt’s Wonderful House

Cast ::
Haruka Kuran : Raefeli
Juuri Kuran : Amane Sakura
Rido Kuran : Bunbunz
Kaname Kuran : Tian
Yuuki Kuran : Mocochang
Shiki Senri : waninoko

Make up artist : Angie 
Photographer : me

For More Larger and Clearer pictures, CLICK HERE

The Kuran Family Portrait (everyone look so serious in here.)

This is the lovely couple of Juuri and Haruka Kuran, enjoying themselves at the Garden~

Next is Kaname Solo Shots (since he’s going to study in Cross Academy soon, and he just got his School Uniform And I am crapping the hell out. Ngahahahaha…)

The BEST shot of the DAY for Kaname is this picture. I love this the most. *applause

And Finally the OMAKE shoot. Everyone including Angie jumping happily while I laughed my lungs out taking the shot again and again and again. LOL…

uploading more pictures . . .


4 thoughts on “Vampire Knight :: The Kuran Family

  1. Yo senpai ^^ nice pic u take.. xD shhhh… tell u 1 thing tht rido look like one form six jie jie in our school xD…I feel they look similar only la… only me xD 

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