Cosplay photoshoot weekend

MOOD :: tired . . . (LOL it seems that my mood is always the same)
Date :: 9th March 2009
Time :: 12.40p.m.
Venue :: Living room . . . having bread for Brunch ^___^ ||

Weekend was tiring, had 2 photoshoots on both Saturday and Sunday.
Let’s start with Saturday then ^^

7th March 2009, Saturday

Sorry I have not watched Black Cat, so I don’t really know what’s going on. LOL… more photos I will share in DA later on. After the couple shoot when we almost end our shoot,

Tasha decided to Have a Little Snack XD

Rayray goes OMFG!!! My doughnuts. Ngahahahahaha…

Not one, but 4 ^^

yeah, and the final group picture of cosplayers and photographers

8th March 2009, Sunday
Sunday was the Arrancar Photoshoot. Narukids invited me over to be their group photographer. Er… We were divided into few groups, we have a total of 5 photographers, so 1 photographer took 3 solo shoot of cosplayers.

For more,  Click Here

Ugh, i’m tired with all the work on hold, so I am going to talk less and post more pictures. Haha… more pictures you can check it in my DeviantArt Gallery. Ah.. here’s a group picture of all cosplayers and also photographers.


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