Accepting the facts

MOOD:: dizzy~
Time :: 1.23pm.
Venue :: Living room . . . I’m alone~
Listening to :: Los Indios Tabajaras OST

LOL, yeah, I should. Well, I’m no longer as young as I used to be so I am not as flexible as I used to be years back. I realized I have to keep moving myself more else I will walk like a turtle next time. 😛

What I am trying to say is that my muscle hurts quite a lot than it used to ache last time. Yeah, I’ve finally resumed my training. Will try to attend referee and other courses so that I can score more for my senior-up grading. Not sure when though. Will get busier and busier from now on. Training is every Monday from 7.30 to

There will be grading for Warisan Jati Club students on the 29th March 2009. So yeah, will be going back to Ipoh again. LOL… And Tournaments in April/May. Hopefully I am fit enough to attend the grading this year since I gave up last year due to CF. And hopefully I get to take my grading in Ipoh rather than doing it in KL. Well, cos it’s environment wise. Haha… I’ve not train in KL before, suddenly I have to sit for my exam here, it’s kind of weird.

Anyways, this month is definitely going to be a super busy month. Will be attending Bunkushi Night at UCSI tomorrow. I was invited by ray for Saturday photoshoot, invited by narukids for Sunday’s shoot. Well, further information regarding the shoot, you will have to wait until the pictures are up :D. I wouldn’t want to spil up other people’s surprise. As for next week, another photoshoot. And as for the following week, will be going to Malacca for 2 in 1 event, and back to kl on Sunday morning and finally ACGC which I will only be able to attend the Sunday one once I’ve returned from Malacca. O_o yeah, so basically this month’s weekend is FULL. FULL FULL!!!~

Have not really gotten good rest and sleep recently, and I’ve started to have little head aches and pimples popping out all over my face. T___T.  I guess that’s all for today. Will write again after tomorrow.

And yeah, there’s this Singapore Cosplayer named Pablo, I like his Shiki cosplay very much. *fan mode ~
Just wanna share it with everyone who loves SHIKI~

Isn’t he COOL. Hahaha.. free advertising for Pablo, now you have a lot of fans around the world. ^^


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