Tadaima ~

MOOD:: Okay I guess ?
Time :: 6.42pm
Venue :: Back at the Living Room whereby the guys are playing Left 4 Dead
Listening to :: Changeling OST given by waninoko. Thanks 🙂

Well, yeah, I am back. Where should I start? I just cut the part what happened back at home. Just start from the time I reach KL sentral. Bought myself a ticket and hoped on a taxi. And the first thing I saw, wow, new taxi, and young man. How nice. He’s so young and he is working hard. LOL…

When I was in the cab, have not even fastened my seat belt, I almost flew to the right side of the seat. This guys is GANAS man. Well, after that, I decided not to buckle up. As I liked it. And I sat still enjoying the view out the window. I think he must have thought, how come I “slumber jer” sit there. Like other people would respond, the will grab on the door handle. LOL. Ah.. you must of forgotten, I enjoy speed too. *grins

Normal ride from Sentral back to Sunway takes 20 to 30 minutes, but today was super duper fast. It was like 10 minutes. LOL. Was thinking, what CC and Jothan might be doing ? Is the house clean ? Are the guys upstairs not messing stuff up, wonder how’s the Kitchen doing. I hope no worms, no maggots ?. The next second I realize, ah, I’m there. I’m home. Grabbed my stuff and thanked the guy, of course smiling. He was blured I guess. After entering the house, cleared my luggage.

Helped Evelyn buy 2 salted chicken, helped Aunt Sharon bring back some fish balls she requested Aunt Pang to buy, A big bag of Kacan Puteh requested by KaiKeat, 2 boxes of Apollo layer cake requested by CC and Jothan. And a box of Rocky that I will bring to Cameron. The rest are the left over biscuits during CNY. I tell you, my luggage is full with FOOD. FOOD FOOD..

Got a Birthday card by Bunny, all the way from Portugal. Thanks a lot *hugs
I really wanted that. And appreciated that. I am still waiting for Caryn to send me the postcard she promised.

And also not forgotten, the present that SW dear gave me. Thanks for the Valentines, and Birthday Presents. I love them all. As I’ve told you earlier, you are going to spoil me buying me so many things. Now I have to really spend more time on the present that I’ve promised to give you. *hugs, you’ve given me too much this year. Too many surprises. Thank alot. And try not to take the risk again ok.

I won’t put up and show you what I’ve got, ahahahaha… cos I want to keep these to myself. So if you want to see, *wari-ne.

It started raining again… and I wonder how am I going to travel to wani’s college tomorrow ? Hope I don’t get lost. I met sir the other day, and told him about me going to ocntinue my trainings. And shockingly, sir encouraged me to attend more courses and faster take up my senior up grading. May will definitely be a busy month for me. Tournaments, Gradings, Courses. Ha…. gambate gambate~

Clases at RPS seem to lighten up a little bit, after seeing so many new faces. Well, that was just the beginning, just hope they don’t leave half way. And yeah, more chinese this time. Apparently most are from AMC and they were really shocked that I could speak Mandarin. XD

Oh well, will be going back at the end of the month again, there will be grading for the junior belts. So yeah, these few weekends will be packed like hell. Have to settle and finalize CF comm, sponsor certificate. And photoshoots. I am really greatful that so many people invited me to be their photographer. Thanks~ I will try to give out my best.

Well, I guess that’s all for now ? Recently my bloggings have been empty with words. Haha.. feeling better now, and am really glad so many people are concerned of me. I didn’t know that. *touched
I guess that’s all for now, gotta feed myself. I’m hungry.

Till my next update, see you around~
and have a nice day everyone ^


6 thoughts on “Tadaima ~

  1. nooos!! aku punya ‘sak ke ma’ is not listed. T_T
    hmm, raining wont be too much of a problem unless it is raining at sunway’s bus stop, then i couldnt help. right after u hop on the bus, ur almost rain-free. xD
    i’ll discuss with u over msn la. ^^
    cant wait to see u 2mrw! ^^Y
    and Okairinasai! =D

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