Late update again . . .

25th February 2009

MOOD: feeling bored again . . .
Time : 9.55p.m.
Venue : On the bed in my room
Listening to : some Buddha chants


Well yeah, I’m back to Ipoh now, was back since yesterday, took the 1pm train and reached around 4. Woke up quite early today to help mum up with house cleaning cos the pest guard company came to spray and clear the pests away. Finished cleaning the whole house around 2pm and we had lunch. Then mum went to Kelly’s Saloon to get her hair washed while I sat there reading Twilight that SW borrowed me. Then when I returned home, mom started talking about her leg, her aching leg, then I told mom that I wanted to do a full body check up this year, since I will do it every year to ensure my health ? So I called SW’s mum and asked weather which department I should head to, a specify department to check what I need to check and around how long it will take me.

Mom wasn’t worry about anything just about my period, it’s not stable, yup, sometimes it comes, sometimes no. She’s worried that I might get some disease and DIE ? Yeah, I know everyone is worried. SW’s mom introduced me to a doctor in Fair Park. I think I’ve visited her before. Around last year, I already visited quite a few of those “Women specialist, Pregnancy doctors” and I tell you, I’m fed up of taking and trying this and that kind of pills. I think, sooner or later, I might just DIE due to taking too many chemicals / pills. I hate pills, I hate seeing doctors. I would rather take Chinese herbal medicine. It cures faster rather than taking Drugs. . . .

Honestly that’s my style. I know you are worried. I know you care. I want to be independent. I HATE people worry about me. I care about myself too. I fear that I will DIE too. Yes, I have been babbling about saying who will DIE first quite often recently but you have to understand. I need people to support me. MOM! Please understand this. And thank you DAD for not caring, I rather you do it that way. Because of you always nagging, it makes me even sicker. I really wish mom can read this BLOG. T___T

Oh well, it seems that SW knew about it and she text me. Sorry for making you worry dear. And thanks for caring for all these years. I would never do anything that will make you cry, I would never DIE and leave you alone. I told you before. Many times already.

Anyway, good news for myself besides the doctor part, I found a Taekwondo class for myself to resume training and my senior CS asked me to take another senior up grading this year, but of course, I have to prepare myself. So… will get busier starting March. Will start training back, so I guess less blogging. And I found out that I nag quite a lot these days, really feel like and old lady now. LOL…

Hope my friends don’t get bored by reading it. And I am really thankful to all those who have been visiting my blog and being so concern about my feelings. I am really glad that I have friends like YOU!~


4 thoughts on “Late update again . . .

  1. /lalala (msn emote) xD
    yeah! good to hear that, now i got a proper girl/chinese to train with me.
    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu senpai! =D
    the doctor part, i wont say anything else u hate me pulak for caring. nononono~~ xDD

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