something new to do

MOOD :: still sleepy ~
Time :: 9.43 a.m.
Venue :: Living Room… while the others are still sleeping. It’s Sunday dude~
Listening to :: Sound of the fan.

Ah… it’s very boring since I don’t have a very challenging work to do like Jothan and CC does, I sit at home most of the time. Dear just posted me a book. Thanks, thanks for the book and sweets. Will start reading again if it digs me into it. Well, I tried reading all kinds of book, only Gempak, Utopia, Master Q can make me go on reading. And of course, the Legendary HARRY POTTER series. Hahaha… let’s try for Twilight. I like the movie, I hope the book will make me adicted.

Learning how to draw with photoshop now. Not really good in it, but it’s kinda fun. Rather than only edit photos, drawing graphic things in Illustrator, let’s try some fanart in Photoshop instead. It’s all still in W.I.P. (work in progress) so… nothing much to update. Team Himitsu is still here, we are planning on other outings, so stay tuned for our full team blast. Hehe… And oh yeah, I wold like to share with you what will be going on in March.

I mean the eventes that are going around that time, events that I will most probably attend.

AniMac Bunkasai Festival ’09 – 5th March

Malacca 2 in 1 Event – 21st March

ACGC – 22nd March

Anyone going to any of these events ? Poke me ^^

Hahaha… still thinking what to cos, and I’ve started on helping friends make props. So, those who need help, ring me up. Of course, I charge !! You have to pay me, else I will be wasting my skills donating things to people.
No plans for Comic Fiesta yet, as I have been promoted, will get busier with inside CF stuff than cosplay. So… yeah, stay tuned. For those who don’t know, CF is always held in the end of the year. Yup yup, it will be in December, as usual. Just that the date has not been confirmed. Will keep everyone updated once the date is out.

And yeah, check out the new look of Comic Fiesta Website.
Comic Fiesta


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