MOOD :: Sleepy . ..
Time :: 5.28p.m.
Venue :: Living room, blogging while seeing others play Left 4 Dead
Listening to :: XXX Holic OST

Recently was chasing back all the movies that I’ve missed during CNY holiday at hometown. Really didn’t have a chance to go out during that period… Previous post have already shared some of the movies that I’ve watched. Haha… friends around already started getting pissed of me for being too free recently .

Recently a lot have been happening around me. Hmm… yeah. Let’s talk about what I’m busy besides watching movie and sleeping.  Recently gotten a little interest on playing Left 4 Dead with CC / Jothan, not really too suka, but er… kinda like shooting zombies but I can’t take it if it’s too hard, I’ll get terrible headache. Yeah, it sucks when you get headache.

Well, CC & Jothan started work after CNY, so mostly I am alone at home now, working on freelance jobs, looking for part time photographer jobs, any to intro to me ? Haha… And also selling lens, doing a favour for cosplay comunity friends to get cheaper and nicer lens ? Other than that, just watched anime, go movies in cinemas and currently looking / searching for Taekwondo lesson around for me to resume my training. I plan to further and continue my trainings so that I can go higher level. Just hope can find a class to train, not so expensive so . . . god, lead me ^^

Oh yeah, recently went and watch The Wedding Game alone. Like the theme song and for overall, i think it’s kinda ok for me. Well, I don’t compare Singapore movies with Hollywood, they are different. And in fact, they improve a lot. Thumbs up ^^ I start to wait for all the movies produced by Singapore. Hahaha… became a fan I guess. Especially movies that Fann Wong is in.

Ok, nothing much to say now rather than repeating what’s going on at my formal school Taekwondo Club. Politics again . . .LOL. Don’t wanna repeat that, just hope everything gets better sooner ?

Here’s the song from The Wedding Game movie. Just wanna share with everyone.

Song is auto playing on the right bar  :: :>


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