Sharing session~

MOOD :: so so . . 
TIME :: 1.13am
VENUE :: Living Room (yes cos there’s where my laptop is)
Listening to :: Not listening to anything cos everyone is asleep

Just got back from watching Changeling with CC and Jothan. A 140minutes movie. Very nice movie, but somehow I feel sad for Mrs Colins (Angelina Jolie). I somehow like this movie more than The curious case of Benjamin Button cos that’s a little mysterious while Changeling is talking about what is going on all around us. The corruption and I salute her courage to prove her rights. Well, it’s like somehow talking about us, you know. Malaysians live in FEAR, a lot of us don’t dare to speak up especially the older generations ? Whenever we ask, why this why that, they just ask us to SHUT UP. I don’t know what’ gone wrong, where the heck is all your courage. This is not call independence, we are controlled, we are living in fear. OH WHY!!! Well, not trying to discriminate, but seriously the higher authorities, (more known as Malays, not malaysians. Don’t mix that up) has all the controls above us. End up, some of them boasting around, bullying other races showing off. Not to mean all. I have few very nice Malay and other races friends, but I am sure those out there, you will know what I mean. Those who feel offended, sorry lah. Jangan le terasa sangat. ( Translate :: Don’t feel offended as if you did something wrong πŸ™‚ ). Kalau kamu tak pernah buat, tak perlu mengaku, tak perlulah terasa. Betul tak? (Translate :: If you have never done anything wrong, you don’t have to feel offended, cos you are feeling guilty ^___^ )

Malaysia ni untuk semua, bukan hanya untuk warga Melayu.
Malaysia is for everyone here, that’s why we are called multi racial country, not for Malays only.
I just hope the politics happening around will calm down a little and people out there, do think more wisely ?
Yes, I am a damn child from hell who has very dirty suol, writing how bad people are and discriminating. I just want to express out. Oh anyway, just wanna shout out a litte of what I feel after watching this movie and why I love this movie so much. It may look / sound simple, but I give this a 5 STAR movie. You should really watch it.
It’s exactly what’s going on here~

Okay, cut the crap, I wanna share this video with everyone. If you have not watch this.
If you don’t You’ll REGRET!. Gives you some laughter~

enjoy everyone ~ Have a sweet dream. Oyasuminasai.


4 thoughts on “Sharing session~

  1. haha, u uploaded the vid here. X)
    it is funny sial. xD
    me dl-ed it n the one u sent me. xD
    why JJ n rudy nvr did that  xD but what they did previously is nice enuf ade. xD

  2. Yes, i love the changeling more thn benjamin button too =) coz i prefer more touching movie than story/life talk. lol.*I cried in the movie *Hmm…. if u wanna watch some touching movies, seven pounds & the reader is very nice too!!!love & miss u sam sam!!! HUGS!!!

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