something happened . . .

MOOD :: Don’t know how to discribe
TIME :: 2.55pm
VENUE :: Alone in the Living Room
Listening to :: Jay Chou OST

I don’t know how to express this feeling, CC told me his friend is coming over that I will be at home to pick his friend up. Was wondering who this friend is, how this friend of his will look like. I don’t know weather I should KILL or Thanks CC. .  . .

YES!! I got a big SURPRISE from everyone, they planned it together, SW came. All the way from SG. T____T. I’m so touched. And at the same time, I’m HAPPY!!!
Thanks everyone, she’s bathing now~ Just can’t scream out the feeling. Anyway, will continue later 😀


She bought a cake from Secret Recipe, I wonder what cake is it. She promised that will have that cake with me next year, but she popped up so suddenly. Well, anything will do 🙂 She was doing her homework just now and reading her books. Apparently, school work 😀

Must be tiring, she’s sleeping in my room now, probably tire her a lot due to the traveling all the from SG to here since morning. I’m sorry I asked too much. I’ve always been greedy, now that I am a little bit happier than a lot of people, cos this year we’ll be celebrating valentines together, but on the other hand, her sis is not happy cos she’s alone. Sometimes I just don’t know how to tell / talk to her. I wish you all the best as well, and thanks for giving me your sis in this special day.

Thanks a lot~ Will try to post up some pictures soon.
Happy Valentines Day to all my Friends and Readers ~


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