Double Two ~

MOOD :: Normal ~
TIME :: 2.35am
VENUE :: Alone in the Living Room ( The only one awake, the other 2 is asleep)
Listening to :: XXX Holic OST – Honey Honey~

Yup, it’s one day passed my Birthday, I officially declare myself 22 ?
Just want to recall how everything happened in just short period of 1 day time.

I just got back from a very nice movie show with CC, Jothan and Daniel. Watched “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” Thumbs up but honestly, if you can’t sit still for long, I advice you not to. This show is 2 hours and 35 minutes, but I like this show. You should watch it 🙂

Okay, back to 10th February, on my previous entry, I was feeling moody for sudden, and posted a very UGLY post. Now when I read back I feel silly for doing that. Oh well, after blogging I just watched anime that I copied from wani and went out for dinner with CC and met Jothan halfway, bought some stuff from Jusco and headed home. Was busy checking mail and the forums, received a msg from Sticky around 10.30 saying ” I wanted to wait until 12am but I am sleepy. I just want to wish you Happy Birthday Bak Chan”

Then SW called around 11pm. Chat for about 30 minutes, I was down with a terrible flu, so she asked me to rest earlier. I did planned to but then, I was flooded with msg in msn. There it goes . . . one by one.
after SW, CC, wani, Shui Wei, Yoke Heng, Pui San, Ryuujin, Ray, (my other twin with the same DOB as me), Narukids, Honey, Sakurai, Andrew, Ann Yen, Ai Xin, Kacee, Kits, Audrey, Alicia, Xienny, Fantasy, Rain, Gaya, Mun Sum, Chai Yen, Kian Ming, Kok Kang, Daigo, and alot alot alot alot alot that I can’t list it all. Thanks everyone. . .

I didn’t do much this year, I think I’m old enough not to throw a party 🙂 Besides, I wanna save up for something else, rather than treating friends to celebrate with me. I don’t really want that.

Just now around 10pm, mom called, she said her leg is hurting, I don’t know why my heart hurt a little. I feel really bad, is it my fault that her leg hurts? Is it because I am not there to help that she need to suffer all this? Or do I have the rights to blame my DAD for not helping mom up with the chores that made her suffer this much? Somehow thins just ran in my head… and suddenly something came out of my mouth without me noticing, maybe my heart means it…

ME :: mom, I think I will be going back end of this month. You ok with it? When will the pest Guard thingi going to come? You arranged for the appointment with the company yet?
Mom :: Oh, end of the month? Er… not yet wor…
ME :: See how la, I can go back after 22nd, so just let me know once you have book that guy and decided the date.
Mom :: ok.
ME :: Mom I gotta go out, so you sleep early k. Gd night~
Mom :: ok

I was puzzled “Why did I say that. sam YOU ARE SO STUPID!!” Well, I think it’s my weakness after all, I’m soft hearted, or somehow, deep deep in my heart I really care. I love my Dad and Mum. *you might think I am saying stupid stuff right now, yesterday another story, now another one.

Oh well~ thanks for everything everyone ~ Thanks for dropping by and giving me the support to stand up to do better tomorrow. I’m going to bed. Good Night.

p/s :: Just received a gift artwork from Fantasy mui~
Thanks 🙂

ah… and I got another one from SaikoYuen 🙂 hugs


4 thoughts on “Double Two ~

  1. TT^TT I cried reading what you wrote…. What you wrote isn’t stupid.. at all..You’re an extremely nice person! One of the nicest I’ve met. I hope you stay happy all the time! May marshmallow-unicorns watch over you jie ❤

  2. ARGGHHHHHH~I dont know your birthday!Just realised it which is after one month?=.=”*bang head to the wall*GOMEN-NASAI~I hope still “not” too late to wish a Happy Belated Birthday!!T__THontoni Gomen-nasai!!T__T

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