CNY Celebration & Cosplay photoshoot~

Due to carelessness, I left my cable at my PJ home. I can’t transfer the pictures to share what happened during my 2 weeks no internet life in IPOH. Ahahaha. . . but I managed to grab some photos from here and there. So just write a little ~

okay, sorry people for the late update. Here’s a FULL update of what I’ve done during the 2 weeks CNY holiday in IPOH.

here I go . . . .
LOL~ How should I start ?

Went back to Ipoh with my brother on the 21st of January with my 3rd brother, sis-in law and also my little niece, Micole by train. KTM is so convenient now, just get the ticket from KL sentral and you can directly hop on to the train back to Ipoh in just 3 hours. You don’t need to wait for jam, bla bla bla bla. . . in fact, it’s much more safer. Might be a little slower than car though :D, but nvm, they have nice plasma TV you can watch cartoon/shows shown on TV. Time will pass very fast like that.

Was really busy for my time in Ipoh, mostly cooking, being the head chef at home, as mom isn’t free, Katri, my maid left, so hurm… you see, mom have to clean the whole house on her own and she’s not as young as she used to be. I always remind her that, so that she won’t work herself out. Other than that, life is much more boring as there’s not internet.. . .

We had steamboat on the 30th night, the day before CNY. Everyone came back, all my 3 brothers and sister in laws, and also my 3 nephews and also niece.

Then on the 4th and 5th day of CNY, Cikgu organized a CNY Cosplay Photo Shoot. I’m still editing the pictures, the fact that I just got back, and I missed a lot of movies, so erm… yeah, just managed to do few and blog up. Ehehehe….

Was really busy going out these few days, had CF AGM, busy going out watching movies, cleaning the dirty house, and settling all the photos that I have not finished editing. Including the KHR shoot. Just managed to put up few nice ones in DA. Moving on to Monochrome now, then to CNY shoot…

photos are in progress of uploading . . .


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