Shutting down & going away for 2 weeks~

I am not sure yet when I will be back to PJ, but I will be leaving to KL Sentral in 3 hours time with my 3rd bro, sis in law and my niece back to IPOH for Chinese New Year. Of course, I  don’t think I can bear with not going online for 2 weeks, but the big problem is there’s not connection there. Just pray hard I can steal someone’s wiresless.

Oh well, wishing everyone 
Happy Chinese New Year~

For those who are not celebrating, and those who are
bored staying at home because of school holidays and currently reading this blog, thanks first, I wish you Happy Holidays as well.

And sadly to my housemates, I am leaving early ^_____^ Gambate until Friday~
All the best, I’m seeing myself when I wasy few years back struggling to finish up assignments.
I guess that’s all. Attached some nice video and also pictures just to suit the scene~

Hope you’re not Blinded by the wordings. Using green cos my theme for this year is GREEN.
Bought a pair of brand new GREEN SHOES. LOL~

Will miss blogging and chatting on MSN. Bye bye friends~ I will miss you T_____T||

This year is MOOOOOOO MOOOOO Year~

988 Chinese New Year Song~


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