Intensive Sports outing~

woke up around 7.30am on Saturday, bath and make sure I packed everything. Then woke up Jothan up to go collect his cert from college. Erm… then me and CC waited for him to return. Then we went out for breakfast at Ming Tien, then set off to opposite to take Metrobus to Puduraya~

Then we shop and target for stuff we need to buy for CNY~ End up CC didn’t buy anything except a box of Mua Chi , I bought a pair of Shoes, GREEN one XD. And the one who spent the most is Jothan. Hahahaha…. then CC went back cz he wasn’t feeling too well, so me and Jothan headed to Masjid Jamek, sat in Burger king and had lunch while waiting for KAI~

So Kai arrived and we hoped on the train, skip what happened in between and YAY~ we reached Bandar Tasek Selatan :D. Too lazy to write the details, since it’s expired event. LOL. So we headed to the place where Nic booked for us and got changed. And YES, first time, 4 years in KL, we play BADMINTON. LOL… bla bla bla. . .
lasted for 2 hours. LOL. . . KAii will probably curse me for skipping all the details. I am lazy… zzzz….

And da da da li da . . . OK we are super exhausted so. . . . yup, lasted for 2hours, and er… yeah, left around 5.30pm. Headed back to nic’s house. Hahahaha… I am laughing out loud reading back what i’ve typed. Okay, so Nic suggested we take picture, so before everyone jumped into the pool, we got ready the timer. And LOL, when everyone jumped in, wani pose =___=|| She didn’t jump in.

From left, Jothan half way floating, Nic jumping in, Kaii sitting /sliding down ? I’m already in (see the big splash?) Wani posing . . . =___=||

Okay then we played in the pool, bla bla bla . . .and we were tired, got up, bath and went out for BIG FEAST~

Then we went to dunno apa place makan. LOL. There we found alot of funny stuff. Less talk more pictures please 😛

Carry MEe   and PORN Intestine SOUP 😀

Nic, Kaii and wani

me and jothan

Hmm… no more pictures, very very little, after that we had a little chat back at Nic’s place and left back. Wani stayed over while me, jothan and kaii balik. I reached home around . . . 12.05. So late sial… so after that everyone k.o. and Good night 😀

this is the worse blog that I write in all my bloggings. Sorry~ I’m LAZY~
Anyway, will be leaving back on Wednesday, so I guess will see everyone after CNY.

Happy Chinese New Year 2009.
Best Wishes from 😀


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