Tagged T____T (dxxx you Wani !!)

*this tag is open for both sex*
*be honest
*it must be true
*must tag 5 people
*no tagging back

What is your favourite colour?
Black, Blue and RED

What is your favourite food?
As long as those that I like, too many to be listed out le. =___=||

What is your favourite drink?
Hmm… Ribena Longan, watermelon juice ^^

What kind of girl/guy do you prefer? *more than 1 answer
The person that I am having relationship with.I like her because of her very own special way. No one is perfect, of course, I love all her good and bad 🙂

How do you want your crush to confess that he likes you? *more than 1 answer
Tell me rather than hiding ?

What do you want your boyfriend/girlfriend to give during Valentine’s day?
Something that he/she does it on her own. I don’t like you spending money. I am sure you know that. I’ve told you many times ^^

Okay, I wanna tag everyone who wish to do this. Ugh…


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