Monochrome Factor mini shoot~

I totally missed blogging this one. This shoot was on 3rd January at my place.
First of all, watch this 2 videos credits of editing by yuancross.

Part 1

Part 2


potter87 as Nikaido Akira(human form)
YuanCross as Nikaido Akira(shadow form)
Matsuo Kumiko as Master
dark as Lulu

Okay, here’s the pictures from Aleanor’s Camera


master doing his same things, as usual, wiping the table and cleaning the glasses.

Group picture šŸ˜€

Akira (s) and Master

some underage pictures šŸ™‚

After the shoot we had lunch in pyramid’s McD. Of course, we got lots of eye attention as usual šŸ˜€
I love my wig a lot with the antenna.


editing the pictures in my camera~ more coming soon.
For more, visit Aleanor’s Flickr


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