thank you everyone <3~

Hey there, it’s me again blogging more frequently now. About yesterday, it was really a sudden breakdown. I am sorry to make everyone so worried, and thanks for all the messages. I’m really glad and touched that I have such nice friends around. I really don’t know what to say. I really want to thank everyone who spend time reading my blog.

Really thank you everyone. I only have 1 more week to blog, then I’ll be going back to hometown next Wednesday for CNY holidays, till then, I guess will only blog in my Microsoft Word ? I am looking forward to a “Happy Chinese New Year” How’s everyone preparation? Is it done? For friends over seas, sorry that you can’t be back to celebrate, will take loads of pictures for you to see Caryn & Bunny especially. Miss you guys loads.

And for those who are leaving to overseas soon, Kits, Sticky . . .Wish you all the best and a safe trip. Send me postcard ok 🙂 Nothing much to blog now, still have not gotten all the pictures from the others who went to YOUTH09. So I’ll go to bed early today. Thanks again about yesterday.



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